Word of the day for Thursday, March 9th

It’s not a verb referring to what you are doing to your body on a Funyuns-rich diet. It’s not a Don Martin onomatopoeia for Rapunzel Letting Loose Her Hair For Prince #2.

Flabellate. It’s an adjective meaning “fan-shaped.” Merriam-Webster and LACMA are playing a “match the word with the picture” game this week on Twitter, and it’s a much pleasanter distraction from certain daily horrors than the other daily distractions we’ve been getting from said horror-makers on Twitter. Other highlights from the game: kinker and natiform. What will tomorrow bring?

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Word of the day for Tuesday, February 25th

It’s the second week of the spring semester, and at the moment I am both the loudest and quietest person in my classes – I’ve gotten a bad cough that has given me a case of laryngitis. My immune system seems to have a fine sense of irony, as one of my classes is Voice & Diction. My voice is coming back little by little, but the coughing… it’s all I can do not to

Glitter Text

quackle. Meaning to choke or to suffocate. I’m sure the entire class wants to choke or suffocate me as well. At least I’m making an impression.

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Word of the day for Wednesday, January 15th

Aw, don’t mind me. Lately I’ve been a regular

Bletherskate. My head is full of nothing but:

  • ackamarackus
  • baboonery
  • bambosh
  • blague
  • brimborion
  • clatfart
  • fadoodle
  • macaroni
  • mullock
  • rannygazoo
  • slipslop
  • spinach

Yeah, just a bunch of nonsense. Don’t mind me.

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