The world may be going to hell, but on a micro level this week was pretty decent. Demolition derby, swimming, and no fires on the hill from any fireworks. Also, I learned that the things all over the beach that looked like gummy pinky fingers are something called sea pickles, and I enjoyed a cocktail or two without a bunch of mice thwarting me. I’m trying to appreciate the small things so I don’t get overwhelmed by the big things.

Jazz tonic

I’m impressed that Granma has an actual pipe organ in her modest home. I guess Granma has a lot of surprises in her.

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Cuckoo clock

While it’s true that this short doesn’t turn into a proper cartoon until three minutes in, if you skip over the intro you are going to miss not only kids trying to bash an alarm clock but a very interesting family heirloom.

Beating the band

Someone on the soc-meds this week reminded me of the 1982 Cal-Stanford game where the Stanford marching band hit the field prematurely to play “All Right Now” and a trombonist got hit right back down by a Cal scorer.

A few years after that infamous game, I joined my high school marching band as a trombonist. We were right down the road from Stanford, our band director idolized the Stanford band, and we played “All Right Now” as our pep song. We never took the field at the end of a game, but we did line up at an end zone prior to halftimes. ‘bones in front. And there was not a single halftime that I was not terrified that I was going to get plowed down by an opposing receiver. It wasn’t even a fear for my own safety. It was more a worry that my slide was going to get bent. It’s a very vulnerable piece of the instrument, and it sticks out in a way that you can’t protect it easily.

There’s a lot of violence done to the trombone player in this cartoon, but for some reason I don’t feel the terror that I do when I watch The Play from ’82. Maybe it’s because the slide is on the horn all wrong in the first place.

’tis the season

Twilight is starting to descend during my evening commute. It’s that time of year again. I will do well to remember that there’s always more light than darkness on the Earth. Scientists say so.

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Sis boom bah

Benny’s daughter is starting college in a few days. It’s probably too hot for a raccoon coat right now, but I hope she’s packing her ukulele. You never know when an impromptu jam session is going to break out in geography class.

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Le grand fromage

I don’t know if there’s a particularly good reason to post this cartoon this morning, but there isn’t any good reason not to post it either. I might be a little off this morning because last night I went to a restaurant where there were about 18 courses and some of them were black glitter and dioramas and a bird stuck in a hedge*. I like the giraffe in the background of the fight scene.

*I think I should point out that I loved this weird dinner. But I kind of feel like I went to a different planet and now I have the bends. Like I need to eat all of my food today out of a black stone beret or something.
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Leave well enough alone

A friend and I were talking about a certain building in Hollywood that has been taken over by new developers. While I’m not normally on the side of Hollywood developers (change my mind), I commented that the building was ugly and not special and I didn’t see what the big deal was. Friend replied, “…  here’s to saving ugly!!!  There’s too much pretty in the world.  Fuck that.”

And while I don’t think the building in question even merits “ugly” status, I do think my friend has a point and this cartoon is dedicated to him. Thanks, friend.

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Good evening, friends

This cartoon is making me want to play my trombone and also get some polka-dot underpants.

Laugh, mouse, laugh

This cartoon kind of reminds me of a movie I worked on a long time ago called The Legend of Flashpants. That movie ended more tragically than this one, though, and there was less singing. The female love interest wasn’t as fickle, either. Okay, maybe this cartoon has nothing in common with The Legend of Flashpants except for a mustachioed guy trying to explode his rival onstage. Moving on.

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