Laugh, mouse, laugh

This cartoon kind of reminds me of a movie I worked on a long time ago called The Legend of Flashpants. That movie ended more tragically than this one, though, and there was less singing. The female love interest wasn’t as fickle, either. Okay, maybe this cartoon has nothing in common with The Legend of Flashpants except for a mustachioed guy trying to explode his rival onstage. Moving on.

Geography, astronomy, music, history

On Monday, Benny and I saw the solar eclipse at a high school football field in the Idaho Cascades. A girl named Phoenix organized a big viewing festival with the local school STEM club, and there were telescopes and pinhole box viewers and hamburgers and European tourist families and a cute boy playing a soulful acoustic rendition of “I’m Sexy And I Know It” on his guitar and a big countdown to the totality that was off by a few seconds. It was pretty nice. There was a rundown trailer down the road with a brand-new Confederate flag hanging from it, but mostly there were people being happy and excited and community-minded. It was a good day.

This cartoon reminds me a little of the whole experience, I guess. Let’s see if we can outshine ignorance.

Raspberry goose

Why is everybody in this picture so down on Mother Goose getting a little late night romance? Sheesh.

Insecurity detail

Throughout this cartoon I was wondering where the king’s guards were, but then I remembered a previous cartoon I had watched by the same artist Otto Soglow. In this other cartoon, there is a sentinel outside the gates of a castle, but at one point the sentinel dashes off with his horse to go swimming and also punch a damsel in distress. So, maybe this king’s guards are off doing the same thing. They probably wouldn’t have been much help anyway.


Summertime hash

This cartoon is a mess. They just threw everything in the pot and looped some of the actions for good measure. Seriously, this is like a cartoon of floor sweepings. I don’t know why I’m posting it. Maybe because of that squirrel. I hope Farmer Al Falfa got his nice cocktail at some point.

Screwy nuts

Does anybody have a lead on where I can get a bunch of dentures for free or cheap? I want to make a scary nut machine like the one in this cartoon.

Gangland funnies

I was going to post the cartoon “It’s a Greek Life” this morning, but the best version on YouTube is at the end of a gang of Toonerville cartoons. It seems sort of chintzy of me to post this with a “skip to 57 minutes in” function when all of these cartoons are swell (I’ve posted some before), and since you’ve been especially good all week, you get the whole gang.

Speaking of gangs, if you only know the name “Toonerville” from the murderous northeast LA gang Toonerville Rifa, you should know that the gang got its name indirectly from these cartoons. The Red Line trolley (the remnants of which I can see from my window as I write this) was nicknamed the Toonerville Trolley by locals back in the ’40s, and at some point the Latin Souls adopted the nickname of the trolley that ran through their neighborhood. Maybe this sounds like a silly and childish nickname for a violent gang, but bear in mind our other local gangs are Frogtown and Rascals. I won’t be surprised if I hear of a new beef between the Sunshine Makers and Merry Kittens soon.

Cannibals and cannonballs

Benny went to visit a friend of ours this week and I guess the conversation turned to our intermittent but rather disgusting pest problem, because Benny came back with our friend’s solution to cannibal rats in the home. If the previous sentence made you squeamish, you may want to turn back now.

The solution as presented to Benny was thus:

  1. Trap a rat in a standard snap trap.
  2. Await the cannibal rat who wants to eat the rat in the snap trap.
  3. Trap the cannibal rat in a cage.
  4. Feed him until he becomes very large.
  5. Release him back to where the rats hang out.
  6. Let him eat all the other rats.
  7. Problem solved.

Unfortunately, this plan doesn’t seem to me like it would be as smoothly executed as it is laid out, and furthermore I see a much different #7 in this scenario. I don’t think this is the plan for us.

I don’t think the plan for us is the one laid out in this cartoon either, however. Those mini cats are wasting much more food and causing much more damage than that tidy rat with his electric meat slicer.

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Dexy’s midnight farmer

I thought this cartoon would have more of a come-uppance at the end, but it’s probably difficult to convey the real scenario in a humorous way. You know – three days later all of the farm equipment has been dismantled, the fields are half-plowed in a funny pattern, and everyone is huddled in the barn talking gibberish wishing to god they could just go to sleep.

Butterfly monarch

I’m not sure if this dog is a respected lepidopterist or a Freddie Clegg wannabe, but I’m going to give Molly Moo-Cow the benefit of the doubt that she did the right thing here.

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