French impressionist

At first I thought the dog in this cartoon was doing basic blackface in front of the king, but it quickly became apparent that he was impersonating some foreign celebrity of the time. It’s not quite Maurice Chevalier, and it might not even be French? I don’t know. Maybe the dog is just bad at celebrity impressions.

But can she bake a cherry pie?

There’s a pretty good gag in this cartoon involving the raspberry jam making a “raspberry.” I started wondering why the derisive noise also known as a “Bronx cheer” came to be known as a raspberry, and I learned that it comes from Cockney rhyming slang. “Raspberry tart” = “fart.” Well, there you have it. Enjoy those tarts, everybody.

A fine red

Thank you, Ub Iwerks. Thank you so very much. I was watching this Little Red Hen cartoon this morning, soaking up the beautiful Comicolor hues, but I tensed up as soon as I saw the little black chick.

“Oh no,” thought I. “That little black chick seems fine right now, maybe naughty in a black sheep sort of way, but any minute now he’s going to wreck this cartoon. This is a ’30s cartoon. He’s going to get lazy and start wheedling around, grow offensive big lips and shout ‘Mammy’ while on one knee; something like that.”

I continued watching. That pig and that duck were maybe the best cartoon pig and duck I had ever seen. “Please don’t ruin this cartoon, Little Black Chick.” The final gag came up. The little black chick came out of the hen house. I pre-emptively winced.

And then. Nothing. No racial stereotype gag. Just a good old raspberry. I relaxed. Thank you, Little Black Chick, and thank you, Ub Iwerks. I’m going to have to watch this again, this time without holding my breath.

Slapping the pigskin

It always confuses me when anthropomorphized animals have other animals as pets or livestock. Why does Richard Scarry’s Kathy Bear have to feed the pigs? If she put a bowtie on her pigs, could they feed themselves? What would happen to Flip the Frog’s football game here if a similar bowtie adornment occurred?

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Thems the Braques

Provided you’re not one of the musical instruments, Hell doesn’t look so bad in this cartoon. If you run into a wall, you just turn cubist.

White as snow

So many underpants in this cartoon. Also a variety of dance moves. Bonus points for not going to a cheap racist gag at the end like I kept bracing for. I don’t know what to say about Percy.

Oswald the regular rabbit

I’ve been reading a little about Oswald the Lucky Rabbit lately, and I keep coming across these vague references that Oswald never caught on because of his Nazi connotations. I cannot find anything more concrete about these “Nazi connotations,” however, other than the fact that he shares a first name with British fascist crap-can Oswald Mosley, and Walt Disney was a Nazi sympathizer. Or something.

I think this is a pretty weak link, myself. In fact, I think Oswald’s inter-species relationship with Sadie the cat would be frowned upon by blood purity zealots. If I were a conspiracy theorist, I would say that Oswald’s blatant promotion of the eating of fiber in the first scene here (obviously inspiring the famous Kellogg’s All-Bran commercial) is a much clearer tie to the eugenics movement.  Also, Oswald’s hot dog is obeying his orders in this 1928 cartoon, as opposed to the disobedient hot dogs in an earlier Oswald cartoon. He’s obviously relishing his newfound sense of power and is planning to take over all luncheon meat next. See? See?! WAKE UP SHEEPLE – OSWALD = FASCIST PROPAGANDA.

Or, probably not.

Don’t shake like that

Apropos of nothing, here are two cartoons featuring raspberry jam.

Can of worms

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Oh hey; I’ve been looking for this cartoon. I wonder why it took me so long to find it; there are a ton of versions on youtube. My brain must really be fried.


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