Pictures at an exhibition

I’m not sure what inspired the change, but the swap meet at the corner of Santa Monica and Vermont has repainted all of its walls with lovely new paintings. I have to say that I miss some of the old favorites, but I think the new exhibit displays a wider range of styles than we saw before. There’s something for everyone here.

Rococo extravagance:

Lichtensteinian Pop:

Political art addressing the recent BP oil disaster:

Turtle/guinea pig nature studies:

The enigma of The Chicken in Black:

A little trompe l’oeil:

And what may be my new favorite piece, the Asian-inspired work:

I think I’m going to become a member.

Storefront art – endangered by stupidity edition

Let’s pretend for a moment that I’m the stupidest commercial landlord in all of Los Angeles, shall we? And I have a tenant in one of my buildings who runs your standard type of pet store, one that stocks puppies:

and frogs, and bunnies:

and iguanas, and turtles, and fish:

and there happened to be a really nice arcade over the door of this building, and the tenant decided to use that arcade to jazz up his already great pet mural out front:

and paint a beautiful peacock with its tail spread out protectively over all of the other animals, spread out across the entire arcade, his feet perched on the security gate rail:

Let’s see; if I were the stupidest commercial landlord in all of Los Angeles, what would I do when I saw my tenant’s beautiful mural? Oh, that’s right; I’d cover it with a crappy yellow awning:

Hooray! I’m the stupidest commercial landlord in all of Los Angeles!

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