Post-trip script

As usual, there were a few photos from our trip that didn’t fit neatly into other posts. I’m starting to feel like the person who shares way too many vacation slides after inviting friends over to dinner; I’ll understand if you slip away before dessert.

Three blues brothers in Rock Island, Illinois waiting

for a breakfast place to open. They will be waiting for a long time.


An excellent D & D-themed park in Carbondale, Illinois. More photos starting here.

A future water tower from the past when they had better aesthetics for the future. We stayed in a cabin close by and I got menaced by a gang of raccoons when I tried to take a photo of them raiding the dumpster.

An elephant’s grave in Oquawka. A rather sad tale.

An otherwise rather boring mall in Hazelwood, Missouri. I was expecting more from the area labeled “Circus Of Fire.” More photos starting here.

One of many lies in Hannibal, Missouri. A place that seems to be rebranding itself as the Steampunk Capital of the US. I’m not sure what that is about unless it has something to do with that Rush song.

One of my favorite misspellings outside a bar in Keokuk.

A mysterious kingdom in Tennessee.

A sign in Memphis that I would have liked to have seen at night.

Lisa Marie’s toy, which I hope has good memories attached to it.

Miss Ann’s, which shared a parking lot with

these braggarts.

I saw this after I bought some nose spray someplace.

The Frog Farm was an excellent place; we bought a small wooden alligator from the artist Louise Cadney Coleman. I wanted to buy an enormous driftwood peacock but couldn’t figure out how I was going to get that back home. More photos starting here.

The Britney Spears Museum in Kentwood, Louisiana seems to be closed but there is a pretty neat ghostly mural on the wall of the video bingo place.


I kept wanting to get my hair cut and maybe fashioned into a fancy ‘do at various places on the road, but I kept chickening out. I would have gone here but it was closed.

Abita Mystery House, which really must be seen to be appreciated fully. More photos starting here.

And then some random New Orleans things.




margeThere was a lot more. Cats and canoes, tiaras and MG conventions, miserable food at a diner where they kept trying to get us to go to the place next door instead, a delicious bag of apples. Maybe you should do this trip yourself some time.

Barrel of catfish

Benny and I are planning a trip down the Mississippi River, but if this cartoon is accurate, I’m not so sure I want to go. Is every utterance really followed by a dramatic musical flourish down there?

Free and clean

I hope everybody is having a lovely America Day. If you are feeling less than patriotic today, might I suggest a ride on the Delta Queen to perk up your spirit? It’s debarking from Campbell, California.

Hooray! An all-American riverboat trip. Excuse me, ma’am, which way do I go?

Thank you. Wonderful. Boy, I sure am ready for a nice old ride down the river. I almost feel like Becky Thatcher or something. Bye Tom! Bye! You and Huck save a nice hot dog and iced coffee for me, okay?

Okay, I guess the first thing to do is get instructions from the cap’n. Where’s the cap’n? Oh hello, Cap’n.

Pardon? What’s this talk about antennae? Do I look like a moonfolk, Cap’n? Pity’s sake. The cap’n must be in his cups.

Oh, but look at all the fish…

With a good dredging in cornmeal, that is some good eating right there. A shame I forgot my fishing bamboo. Ah, it sure is good here on the river.

Oh… it looks like we’re coming to the dock. That sure was quick. I could have spent all day here.

Goodbye, Delta Queen, and have a wonderful rest of your America Day. Wait – what’s that you say? I still have some sap on my hood? I have to go around again, but you will provide me with a complimentary Power Wash and Fresh Linen car sachet?

Aye aye, Cap’n. Requesting permission to return aboard.

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