Pig monkey

I wanted to wait a few weeks before posting this story, because I wasn’t sure something horrible wasn’t going to happen as a result of it. It seems that a province in southern Thailand has brought a pig-tailed macaque monkey on to its police force.

And while I’ve seen some photos showing Officer Santisuk here getting a little yell-y and mooning the general populace, in general it seems that he hasn’t gotten drunk with power. Nobody’s face has been bitten off yet, which is more than some police forces here in the States can attest to. Keep it up, Santisuk, and maybe someday you’ll make detective.

Ark Shell II: Crustacean Fire

Last week I posted a photo that I found on another website, a photo of a menu from Thailand. This menu described magical things – demon moustaches, shrimp conflagration, an eternity of lumber… it was a veritable ninth circle of eternal seafood damnation.

Well. My friend Randy was rather shocked to see this photo, because he and another friend had visited this very Inferno, and he had taken another photo depicting even further glories and torments:


Yes, it is here that we are introduced to the Splendid Squid and a crustacean fire, if we are to look carefully in the lower left-hand corner. This particular Avici appears as a humble food stall in Thailand near the border of Laos. Travelers, adventure with caution.

Photo © Randy Horton

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