Multipurpose tools

For Christmas, we’re staying in a cabin with some very nice owl andirons . Benny had to tell me what andirons are for, and then he put the andirons where they’re supposed to go in the fireplace. When the fire is going, the owls’ glass eyes glow very nicely. They do not, however, play little trumpets as far as I can tell.

O, U R an American

I either read or heard in passing recently something about American spellings of words being adopted after our independence as a way to further distinguish the US and its inhabitants’ writings from the British. Of course, now that I’m trying to find out more I’m only finding brief mentions of this theory.

This led me to think about British accents vs. American accents. I know that there are a number of regional dialects in various countries, but we can all probably categorize whether a native English speaker is from Great Britain or one of its current or former territories. For the most part, at least. And that started me wondering about when and how these various accents sprouted up. I could spend a lot of time researching this, I guess.

But it’s Saturday, and I’m feeling lazy, and all of this is really just a long way of saying I don’t think the accents in this cartoon are historically accurate.

Thanks to Animation Scoop for reminding me of this and other patriotic oddities.

Every clod feels a stir of might

Ah, we made it to June and, for all practical purposes if not technically, to summer. On Nextdoor, reports of suspicious activity are being shoved out in favor of reports of baby skunks. The tomato plants are getting heavy. And we’re feeling so lazy from the warmth of the sun that we can’t follow the simplest of cartoon storylines.

Good thing we have a plot-free cartoon today.

Crazy, man

I’ve noticed a lot of discussion lately about whether the word “crazy” is a slur against mentally ill people, and I’ve also noticed that a lot of people have been using the word “wild” in its place even when “wild” isn’t an accurate fit. I did it myself yesterday out of a sudden fear I was going to offend someone, even though the situation didn’t really merit it.

I started reading more on the subject and have come to my personal conclusion that it’s of course not good or nice to call someone other than yourself crazy but omitting the word completely from one’s vocabulary might be a lazy shortcut. It’s easier to just never say the word rather than stop and think about what meaning of the word “crazy” one is using in the moment. And the meanings get a little jumbled sometimes.

Today’s cartoon is a good example of how I feel it’s okay and not okay to use the word. It’s not okay to call the spider “crazy” (even though there are literally bats in his belfry) but it’s okay to call this cartoon “crazy.”

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Bone appetit

Except for the ending, this cartoon is Benny and me last night trying to get a table at the bar section of our favorite restaurant. Also imagine more paper airplanes and pink wigs.

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Last glass of licker

This morning I woke up and thought that I wanted to post a cartoon with sound and color. These mice changed my mind on that pretty quickly.

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She sighed, “Adventure…”

Oh boy, do I wish I could live in this cartoon. Maybe not in the shoe in this cartoon, but in this cartoon. Something about the colors and the ability to do anything and the absence of meanness. Even the antagonist bird is just trying to get something to eat. What do you think?

Prison break

These two don’t seem like bad guys; they just wanted a little entertainment. I wonder what they were in for.

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Storms, pestilence

My friend J9 and I went out to Palm Springs this week and encountered some snow while driving out there. While in Palm Springs, we went to one of those concerts that the two of us seem to find ourselves at together, where the core audience is about 20 years older than us. We shared a table with a particularly delightful member of the core audience, and when we shared that we had heard that West Hollywood had also gotten some snow that day, our tablemate said something about better there being snow outside than on the coffee table. This lady had some stories to tell.

I don’t exactly know where I’m going with this, other than to say that the only snow in this cartoon is in the kitchen.

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I suppose an argument could be made that this cartoon is espousing a conservative and humble “Christian values” approach to living, but wouldn’t the stronger argument be that Happy Valley is a model of a socialist utopia? The latter seems inescapable to me, even though this was produced in 1952 when we were getting a lot of “Capitalism vs. Communism: Freedom vs. Oppression” Cold War propaganda cartoons. I never considered Paul Terry to be much of a radical, but maybe I need to read some more.

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