Incisor? I hardly knew her

The expressive eyes on this tooth made me drive around the block for a second look.


So gentle. So soothing… even with that giant cavity near roots. And such fine eyebrows. He’s like an old-timey drawing of Mister Sun. Interesting that this tooth resides just a few blocks away from the tooth that is being embraced by a cobra. Thanks for keeping us calm, Gentle Tooth.

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No mention of The Electric Mayhem

I’ve noticed Dr. Teeth’s office before because it’s right down the hill from my house, but apart from the name, I never thought there was anything remarkable about it.

Boy, was I wrong. For some reason, I never noticed what was on the side of the building.

I know that normally my rule is that a tooth with teeth is a bad thing, but this guy is making me re-think everything.

Flossing behind the ears

Why does this happen? Why do dentists use business mascots that are teeth with their own set of teeth? Do optometrists use jaunty eyeballs with their own eyeballs to advertise their services? Do ear, nose, and throat doctors decorate their offices with sinuses attending to an internal set of sinuses? As I’ve said before, I don’t mind so much a tooth with eyes, and even the tooth with eyes and a smile. It’s the extra teeth that are wrong. Don’t get me started about this guy’s eyebrows. That’s a whole other thing.

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