Ten little bungalows

There are actually eleven of these little bungalows on Hollywood Way, lined up on one side of the WB Ranch (formerly the Columbia Ranch).

The eleventh is pretty far down the block from the others, which makes me wonder if there were a whole bunch of other ones that have since been torn down. On the other hand, I think you would have to be an awfully evil witch to tear any of these down. Seriously. They have built-in shelves on the outside of the house. I mean, come on.

According to the Burbank Historical Society*, these were not constructed as backlot dressing rooms or offices but to be used as ordinary homes, for normal people. Here are some of them as they look today.




Pretty extraordinary, all of them, but I especially like this last one. The shy guy.

*Thank you Jeremy Ward and David Doherty for sleuthing this information out and sharing with Burbank In The ’60s!
Image of Paul E. Wolfe postcard (top image) via Burbankia

If you lived at the shire, you’d be home by now

In mid-Culver City, in a hidden shire

There’s a brave little hobbit whom we all admire

With his dual-family home, he’s a real estate genius
Lives in a hobbit hole just south of Venice (Blvd.)

Bilbo (Bilbo)! Bilbo Baggins,

Only three feet from…

Sony (Sony)! Sony Pictures
It’s a pity he is working for New Line


Korean gingerbread

There’s a place in Koreatown in between a thrift store and a seafood restaurant that you might not notice at first.

The front windows are soaped up and there is an automatic gate that blocks all but the front of the property off from the public. But this past Saturday, the gate was open. After some trepidation, I went inside.

The Petersen Studio Court.

I don’t know if the fact that I tiptoed around says more about me or the place. Probably more about the place. It kind of leaves me speechless, and also wanting some little Danish cookies. Let’s just look at some photos, shall we?

I don’t blame you for having your gate closed most of the time, Petersen Studio Court. One should only be allowed entrance to you with the help of a fairy godmother.

Which house?

There’s this famous witch house in Beverly Hills called the Spadena House that I keep meaning to visit. It’s been featured in quite a number of movies, but over the past few years it’s been undergoing renovations, and I don’t really want to go all the way to Beverly Hills if the place is still all tarped and scaffolded up. I might be called lazy.

So I’d like to take a moment to thank Reader Chris for his tip about a witch house nearly in my own neighborhood. It’s not as spectacular as the Spadena House, but it does have some pretty nice broken-looking chimneys. Witchy!

The hamlet

Ah, so nice to get back to the old homestead after a backbreaking day at the castle.


The king didn’t laugh at one joke today, I ripped my tights, and these goddamn bells on my tunic are doing nothing for my hangover.


Might as well grab a little hair of the dog that bit me, grab me a meat pie, and see if anybody wants to play a game of skittles or two. Hey, WTF?


Launce took my parking space. Again. Goddamn Launce.

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