Incisor? I hardly knew her

The expressive eyes on this tooth made me drive around the block for a second look.


So gentle. So soothing… even with that giant cavity near roots. And such fine eyebrows. He’s like an old-timey drawing of Mister Sun. Interesting that this tooth resides just a few blocks away from the tooth that is being embraced by a cobra. Thanks for keeping us calm, Gentle Tooth.

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Moonlight on Rubberleg Square

The one rule at this bar is that you must leave as soon as the bottles start looking straight.


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Weekend plans

How do I get invited to one of these?


A little dairy air

There’s a war going on for my milk money on the north 200 block of Glendale Boulevard. How am I going to choose between Silvia’s Market and Simon’s 98 Cent Store? They are within spitting distance from one another, and despite Simon’s boasting I can’t imagine their prices are much different. There’s only one way to resolve this. I’m going to judge these books by their covers.

So, Silvia:

silviaand Simon:

Call me crazy, but I think I’m going with Simon.

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Tierra Sagrada

Another visit to Mexico provides me with further proof that our neighbor to the south is the holy land of store front art. Just one failed beach resort town rewards us with a businesscrab looking at hot chicks on his computer,

a happy guy with lots of money and a fancy hairdo,

a green puppy and friends looking to party,

and an octopus with a hand throwing fireballs.

Not bad, San Felipe. Tecate, what can you show us?

A butcher shop sign painted by Picasso during his African period. ¡Estupendo!

Some shun sunshine

Now here is a fine-looking dental office mascot. I know he has a bit of a stain going down his side, but his roots are shiny and he does not suffer from Tooth With Teeth Syndrome (should we call that syndrome dentata dentata? Just a thought). Whatever; this guy doesn’t have it. He is positively radiating sunshine.


Oh yeah – I found him in Glendale, down the street from the unappealing-sounding dental office of a Dr. Kevorkian. Dr. Kevorkian had no tooth mascot on his sign, just his name followed by DDS. I might suggest something, Dr. Kevorkian.

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Oh, Denise – is it you? I thought I’d lost you. Denise’s Antojito’s closed down and you disappeared. Your image became fuzzy,


but I never forgot you. And then lo, I was driving along 3rd Street (was it 3rd Street? So fleeting and my mind plays tricks these days) and there you were on the front of another snack bar:


Sure, your hairdo was different, and you had a bit of a brighter smile and more youthful appearance, and the store wasn’t named after you, and…

Okay, maybe it wasn’t you after all. Oh Denise, will I never find you again?

’round the corner, fudge is made

One thing I find a little troublesome about Manhattan is that because there are so many trained artists around, there is precious little storefront art. It’s hard to get your cousin to paint a crude picture of a diaper box on the side of your market when there are ten MFAs willing to do a version in the style of your choice in exchange for a couple of Lotto tickets.

I did, however, meet some really nice folks in Coney Island. There was the dapper Mr. Shrimp:

He had quite a sense of humor, that Mr. Shrimp. I’m still wondering about that lemonade he gave me.

Then there was Chiefito and his sister Chiefita:

So sweet. So fluffy. And of course I’ll never forget the nice folks at the clam bar:

Was that a clam-flavored ice cream cone? They weren’t much for talking, so I never found out. There were these other guys at the next table, though, who offered me a really big hot dog.

I think they were in some sort of big-hat/double-entendre gang with Mr. Shrimp. Ha ha, big-hat guys. Anyway, nice to meet you all. I hope we can get together again soon.

Seasons change

Ticul. Oh, I don’t remember a lot about Ticul. Santa Elena was so great with its moist baby mummies and its best hammock ever in the room and its turkey dinner made by a wonderful woman named Valerie Pickles, that I think it erased Ticul from my memory. All I remember about Ticul is that there was a fake Hooters that looked pretty good from the outside, and that across the street from the fake Hooters there was this store:

I can’t wait for panty solstice. The longest panty of the year.

Friend of Rebecca’s

Oh, Rebecca of Rebecca’s Fashions. Elegant Rebecca. Dreamy, soft-focus Rebecca. Penelope Cruz doppelganger Rebecca.

Missing left femur Rebecca. You never told me you were friends with Sarah Palin:

Don’t forget us if you get a cabinet post, Rebecca.

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