It’s hard to embrace an airplane

I don’t blame this pony for being bored with his job, but boy, do I want to know where I can get some of those chicken- and star-shaped popsicles… if only to find out what a chicken-shaped popsicle tastes like.

Coming of age

Benny and I went to a “coming of age” themed party last night, and for a while we were the only people dressed in costume besides an awesome roller disco-dressed pal. So I’m not sure how grown up we are. I guess I could make the argument that being grown up is dressing up for a costume party and not worrying whether other people are going to dress up. What I do know is that being grown up is a lot more than being organized, because if that were the case, I would have been grown up a long time ago.

This week’s animation gets extra points for the part where it seems like Grandmother Cat is getting a prank call from a cow. She’s not, but it sure seems like it at first.

Blame it on Toad and friends

We’ve been encountering a lot of rain here in Los Angeles for the past 18 hours or so, but it appears right now that the Master Of The Sky has lost another chess game to Lady Drought and this is the end of it. When will you learn to stop playing with her, Master Of The Sky? You know she cheats.

We can find something better anywhere

Yesterday I noticed a utility pole with four different lost pet notices on it – Maybelle was on one side of the pole,

and Angel, Jako and an unnamed chihuahua mix were on the other side.

bremenI know it’s unlikely, but I’m hoping they’re not all really lost but actually traveling together on a fairytale-style pilgrimage to a city more appreciative of their musical talents. We’re only one donkey and one cat away from the Musicians of Bremen here, and I could easily see these guys fighting off robbers and taking over a cottage, and then getting their story loosely translated into a Soviet animated rock-n-roll extravaganza. Can’t you?

(Cartoon best viewed at 360p or higher)
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