Bad variant

Having a beauty pageant right after a time of people stuffing themselves with rich foods to the point of discomfort seems like a bad idea to me, but maybe it puts the contestants on a more even playing field. Here she comes, Miss Bloat 2019.


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How lovely are thy branches

I’m feeling kind of smug this year because Benny got me a pink flocked Christmas tree, which is something I’ve wanted for a long time but never got before now.

I started bragging about the pink flocked Christmas tree on social media, and the next morning a miniature pink Christmas tree showed up from Amazon.

The anonymous giver has not fessed up yet. It is a real good Christmas this year, and it’s not even Christmas.

So I guess this morning’s cartoon has to be about Christmas trees. It’s kind of anti-climactic ultimately, and I don’t even really understand why the boy fails at the one yard line, but whatever. It features the classic Soviet-era Santa in a jet and a penguin that talks like Porky Pig. Merry Christmas. May all your cotton candy dreams come true.

Corny callings

This isn’t the Chudesnitsa featuring witches performing milking rituals and young girls talking to cows. This is the Chudesnitsa featuring dancing corn and authoritative wheat and cow fights. I don’t want you being confused.

Won’t wake up, won’t eat his cereal

As someone who spent some time in bed sick this week, I can attest that sleeping too much can give you some very strange dreams. Wake up, gosling.

Me pink snout

After Thanksgiving, I’m feeling a little like Choonya the pig here. Maybe I should go out for a walk.

If you don’t know Russian, click on the “settings” gear in the lower right hand corner, click “subtitles” and then “Auto-translate.” But you can probably figure out what’s going on without them.
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The music in my head

This cartoon is pretty good, but I’m posting it mainly because if I ever do a Fancy Notions podcast, this title music is going to be my theme song.

Ooty ooty ooty

I’m a little confused about the concept here. If the person is transported to the time where his behavior is most appropriate, wouldn’t they be accepted happily there? Maybe a thing got lost in translation.

Also, I wonder what time I would end up in. Hopefully not a time with a lot of ooty ootiers.

Don’t forget to count Floyd

So yes, last weekend I tried goat yoga – the newest fitness craze that is sweeping the nation.

I’d definitely recommend it, though it was more of a mental health care thing than a physical one. It’s hard not to laugh when a baby goat is on your back adjusting your pose, and all that laughing really does release a ton of pressure and stress. Quite amazing, really.

The goats were more interested in eating shoelaces than trying to count all of us like the little goat in this cartoon, but if they had tried to count us I know we wouldn’t have gotten mad like the other animals in the story. Who gets mad when somebody counts them?

These guys need a little mental health care. I know just the thing that will fix them right up.

It’s hard to embrace an airplane

I don’t blame this pony for being bored with his job, but boy, do I want to know where I can get some of those chicken- and star-shaped popsicles… if only to find out what a chicken-shaped popsicle tastes like.

Coming of age

Benny and I went to a “coming of age” themed party last night, and for a while we were the only people dressed in costume besides an awesome roller disco-dressed pal. So I’m not sure how grown up we are. I guess I could make the argument that being grown up is dressing up for a costume party and not worrying whether other people are going to dress up. What I do know is that being grown up is a lot more than being organized, because if that were the case, I would have been grown up a long time ago.

This week’s animation gets extra points for the part where it seems like Grandmother Cat is getting a prank call from a cow. She’s not, but it sure seems like it at first.

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