Pumps the old bazoom

A couple of years ago I found myself taking elementary school spring photos on St. Patrick’s Day. As luck would not have it, I had forgotten to wear green. Most of the kids were pretty cool about it but there was one little second-grade girl who kept hissing at me, “I’m gonna PINCH you…”.

I didn’t say anything, but her teacher overheard and said to me, “Oh, that one. She is driving me insane. The other day I caught her making out with a little boy behind the garbage cans.” I restrained myself from braying, “Oh, she’s a right high spirited lass,” which was maybe good because the teacher had an Irish surname and probably wouldn’t have appreciated it.

Kiss all the boys today if you feel like it, little girl. Just don’t drink any green beer.

Comin’ down fast

I guess I’m a couple of weeks late with this cartoon, but it wasn’t this hot a couple of weeks ago. Maybe it was. I can’t remember. My brain has melted.

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Took a walk and passed your house late last night

There are three silhouette gags in this cartoon, and while the third situation reveals itself to be less sinister than the shadow suggests, I still don’t know what exactly is going on there. Maybe that guy should be brought in for a psych evaluation just in case.

Tootsy wootsy

I guess I should have posted this cartoon closer to June 21st, but better late than never. As with last week’s cartoon, this one features a turtle with a  souped-up shell. There’s also the old favorite “running through a door making a hole shaped like someone with their arms flailing about,” a sing-along and some skunk fun. Enjoy.

Polishing the banana

“Bananas… they’re always good for a laugh.” I have to agree. I won’t even yell at you for littering if you place a banana peel on the sidewalk in the popularly accepted “funny” orientation.

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