Phancy phantasy

I’d normally say that the use of “ph” instead of “f” in the title of this animation was a waste of letters, but this piece is so ornate that I’d be okay with it being called “A Phphphphphantasy.” I even think the saxophone sounds nice.

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Ducks get the grunt work

I find it sort of confusing that the cartoon characters don’t understand that they’re only watching a cartoon. Didn’t they make the cartoon in the first place?

One mean zucchini

I’m not a fan of pencils, and I’m not a fan of saxophones, but Jerry here (Jerry’s the short one, right? Jerry’s always the short one) is making me rethink my position.

Extreme techniques


The time has come for me to start getting serious about eating better and exercising more. Serious. Really. This time for sure. Relying on my incredible willpower alone has gotten me where I am today, where I only attend social events where caftan-wearing is encouraged, so I think I need to look into some alternative behavior modification techniques. Positive reinforcement may be the way to go, but if I need to go the aversion/punishment therapy route, I think I’ve found a webpage that could really help me out – all ’80s saxophone solos, conveniently separated from their respective songs and rated accordingly.

I think the ratings are actually a little soft on that page, but that’s beside the point; just listening to the clips is much more painful to me than a poke in the nose or electric shock. If Quarterflash started playing every time I ate a piece of pizza, I have a feeling I would think twice about putting that call in to Tomato Pie for delivery of a Large, Hot Grandma. It’s worth further study.

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I imagine that jazz aficionados were mortified when Disney started making hepcat nursery rhyme cartoons.

I don’t care. That pig makes me almost like the saxophone.

I’ll bet Dad keeps the ukelele on the side

I don’t care if you’re in love with Prince Saxophone, Princess. Just don’t blow him in front of me.

Tuba, threeba, fourba

When I was in high school, the tuba section was the coolest section in the marching band. Actually, for marching band they played sousaphones, but I’m still going to call them tubas here and hope you understand. Anyway, the guys in the tuba section smoked pot, rode dirt bikes, and at least one of them got arrested for attempting to incite a riot at one of the football games after ruining some lame cheerleader stunt. Way cool.

I don’t know why I’m telling you all this, really. Maybe it’s because I just saw this video of a guy doing crazy things with a tuba and a bunch of sampling and effects equipment, and once again I’m thinking about how cool tuba players are. I’m sure there are some lame tuba players out there, but there is something about the tuba that generally attracts awesomeness. It’s like the anti-saxophone.

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