They’re all dead dogs, Brent

Benny and I went with a couple of friends to the local pet cemetery this weekend. I’m kind of surprised that I never went to this pet cemetery before. Actually, I’ve never been to any pet cemetery before other than a pretty makeshift one on Catalina Island and a micro-cemetery down at the Red Car property. (Re: the latter, I think we had more pet graves in our side yard during the fateful Guinea Pig Plague Year when my brother and I were kids.)

But this one in Calabasas is a proper cemetery, with drooping trees and quiet paths and gentle grassy hills. And it being Los Angeles, there are plenty of famous animals

as well as pets of famous people.

There are people who blame themselves too much for the passing of their non-human friends

and people who maybe need to take some time off from having pets.

There are wordy tributes

and not so wordy tributes.

Funny names

and awesome names

Big guys and small guys.

Pets who were a bit challenging

and pets who were extremely patient.

You might think that the pet cemetery is a depressing place, but there is so much love there that I found it exactly the opposite. If you’re having some trouble these days finding the humanity in people, go find yourself a pet cemetery. Bring along some ghost treats.

Etiquette & superstition: nuts


I know one good joke about nuts, but you’ve probably heard it already so I’m not going to write it here. Also, it’s my mom’s birthday and I’m not sure she would like the joke I know about nuts. Actually she probably would, but I’m still not going to write it here.

ETIQUETTE: Most finger foods that you serve at the dining table are supposed to be served on a doily-covered plate or platter. One exception to this is food that is served in bowls, such as nuts. I haven’t found any explanation as to why things in bowls don’t need doilies, but anyway: hooray, nuts!

SUPERSTITION: A person who gathers nuts on September 14th is sure to meet Satan on his excursion. As noted in Poor Robin’s Almanack of 1670, meeting the devil on this trip will likely “scare him worse than a rosted shoulder of mutton will do a hungrie man.” Yeah, I’m not a fan of mutton either.

Photo by ~BostonBill~ on flickr

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