I’m a little jealous of the people that were having vivid and exciting dreams during this pandemic. Is anybody still having those? My dreams lately have been so boring.

  • Last night I dreamed that my phone had an HDMI cable port.
  • Earlier in the week I dreamed that our new dishwasher had an extra utensil basket.
  • The other week I dreamed that I was watching the movie Mame (Mame with Lucille Ball, which I’ve never seen in real life, not Auntie Mame with Our Lady Of The Lifted Eyebrow Rosalind Russell) and there was a nice animated sequence. I’ve never actually seen the movie but I don’t think there is actually a nice animated sequence in it.

Is waking life so nightmarish and apocalyptic that my dreams are trying to give me a little rest?

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Swedish Chef

I’m not sure this is really a thing, because most of the articles online link back to one specific article at HuffPoUK, but I’m intrigued with the idea of Swedish pizza. Benny and Smoothie have accused me (perhaps fairly) of being an aficionado of “comedy food” such as hot dog-flavored potato chips and sushi burritos, but some of the combinations I’ve seen offered as examples of Swedish pizza give Dali’s Surrealist cookbook a run for its money. From the original article, here are some supposedly beloved combos:

Tomato sauce!

Tomato sauce!
Canned Fruit Cocktail!

Tomato sauce!
Black Currants!

Tomato sauce!
Pork Tenderloin!

I can’t find photos of any of the above except for one rather blurry image from Gawker that I refuse to link to, and the only other “Swedish pizza” photos I’m finding are for pies featuring “kebab meat” (gyros, it appears) with tzaziki… and that seems to be a perfectly reasonable pizza that Benny would order and Smoothie would come over to share. I have yet to see anything as silly as Pizza Hut’s hot dog crust or Mr. Pizza’s potato wedges/corn/”nacho chip flake” abomination. Is this Swedish pizza really a thing?

via Metafilter

Cold-pressed atomica

I’ve driven by this fruit and vegetable market too many times without taking photos. I rectified the situation today, as I know from experience that even the best storefront artwork can disappear in the wink of an eye as the victim of “remodeling” or whatnot.

I fell asleep a lot in Art History class, but I know enough to say that these are clearly influenced by works from Dali’s Atomic period, in which he explored philosophical and spiritual interpretations of Quantum mechanics.

I’m not very well versed in the hard sciences or philosophy, but I do love a good cutaway diagram presented artfully.

And I’m not sure, but I think I’m starting to see Jesus in these oranges. Maybe there is something to this Quantum mysticism stuff after all. I’m calling this one He Who Believes In Me Will Never Get Scurvy.


Dali Moving & Storage

“There is nothing more sacred and surreal than the exportation of objects and events from the unconscious into the physical relm (sic) of the conscious.” (The Surrealism Server)

Be sure to get the optional damages & loss insurance.

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