A stitch in time

What do these things have in common?

They are all nine. Turn me on, dead man.

Waiting for the Raptor

Having grown up in a Creative Initiative household where we learned the connections between all religions, this cartoon makes perfect sense to me:

Okay; no, it doesn’t. Now what’s this about a dinosaur blowing a trumpet around dinnertime tonight?

Confess all your cured, salty sins

When I was a kid, my parents involved the family in a spiritual group called Creative Initiative. One of the purposes of the group was to show how all scientific disciplines and religions were seeking answers to the same questions, and this demonstrated some sort of universal spirituality inherent in the universe. Something like that.

Anyway, one year we celebrated all the major holidays for all the world’s major religions. Or so I thought. One of the holidays we did not celebrate was Shrove Tuesday. Shrove Tuesday, I have come to learn this morning, is not only the day you confess all your sins, but the day you are supposed to eat a lot of pancakes.

I cannot believe we missed this holiday. And because I didn’t learn the true meaning of Shrove Tuesday until after breakfast this morning, I am going to have to rectify my non-pancake eating status at dinner tonight.

I have also recently learned that slate.com has declared the fad of baconmania to be over and done with, so in the interest of a more delicious dinner self-sacrifice for my fellow man, I will be willing to take any now-uncool bacon off any Fancy Notions reader’s hands. I will also accept any unloved chicken fried bacon and bacon mayonnaise. No need to thank me; it’s just part of my quest to become a bigger human being.

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