Doctor Whom

Okay, Godzilla Vs. Kong might not have been the finest cinematic achievement of our lifetimes, but at least it tried to follow the laws of cybernetics and … uh… Hollow Earth and… oh never mind. I guess it made as much sense as some of this year’s Best Picture nominees or this cartoon where a giant ape can just reverse global warming by breaking a radioactive weapon and throwing the ensuing fireball into the sky.

Sissy with a pumpkin

Finally, an answer to the question, “Did Rankin-Bass ever make a classic Halloween special?”

The answer is no.

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Borscht biriyani

Thoughts on today’s cartoon:

    • I’m not sure why all the Indians sound like they’re working the dinner show at a Catskills resort.
    • Where is Marie?
    • If I had a magic lamp, I think I would wish for something more than an ice cream sundae.

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Outwit the fiend with your superior intelligence

It’s been reported that a woman is walking her white poodle around a town in Wisconsin while dressed as Bumble the Snowmonster this Christmas season. She has remarked that her goal is to bring joy and happiness, and apparently she’s succeeding with the humans she’s encountering.

Coincidentally, I walked a dog yesterday and we encountered Bumble’s California cousin. It did not go so well. Here’s the last five seconds of a two-minute showdown:

I guess it didn’t help that I was dressed as Yukon Cornelius.


I’ve been spending the morning watching Polish animation. It’s all so beautifully made. It’s so beautifully made, in fact, that I couldn’t decide which piece I wanted to post. Instead, I’m going with some cheap American animation that Rankin-Bass threw off in the ’60s. Enjoy.

Attention ginger haters

You do know that the keeper of the New Year is a redhead, right?

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