Lost her mind

Hey, you know how that phrase “Christ, what an asshole” works as a good substitute caption for every New Yorker cartoon as well as for the last panel of most other comics? I found another place it can work – this story about lost pet flyer vigilante Marilyn White-Sedel. From the Studio City Patch (via laist):

“It’s ugly, it causes garbage, it’s illegal and no one is doing a thing about it except for me,” said White-Sedel, who has lived in Studio City for most of her life.

“The worst part of it is that after their sale, the people don’t even come by and clean up their mess and take the signs down,” she said. …

Over the years, White-Sedel said, she has seen signs become an increasing blight to Studio City. She brought her case again last week to the Studio City Neighborhood Council, and asked for help. …

“I’m the only one taking the signs down; it’s a terrible sight in some neighborhoods—awful,” she said. “I could use some help.”

She brought some of the signs she recently collected from her neighborhood to the SCNC meeting. She said sometimes she brings the signs to the people holding the sale and points out they are illegal. …

“One recent sign I took down was from a cat that was lost for three months,” she concluded. “Those people should realize that the coyotes got that cat a long time ago.”

Maybe I shouldn’t call her an asshole. Thanks to her I now know that Studio City has a lot of pet flyers for me to check out.

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