It’s hard to embrace an airplane

I don’t blame this pony for being bored with his job, but boy, do I want to know where I can get some of those chicken- and star-shaped popsicles… if only to find out what a chicken-shaped popsicle tastes like.

Pink party pony Pixie poached?

There’s this pony in Queen Creek, Arizona named Pixie that has a pink mane and tail. Or she was in Queen Creek. She’s missing now.

The owner isn’t spinning any bullshit story about how she needs to find Pixie because Pixie needs meds or anything; she’s just saying, “She needs to be fed, she needs water, she needs to be treated with kindness.”

I’m hoping Pixie just went to the mall and forgot to tell someone where she was going, and not actually stolen, because I have a terrible feeling that someone who would steal a pink-maned-and-tailed pony is not someone who knows much about treating things with kindness. Augh boo…

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