Parks and wrecks

I was reading a story about some problems Milwaukee’s Lake Park is having with too many Pokemon Go players invading the park. The story focused on a neighborhood association meeting scheduled to address the problems, and it featured a child wearing a top hat and Ghostbusters t-shirt sobbing copiously during his advocacy speech. So, it was a typical neighborhood association meeting.

This started me thinking about what we used to do in the park as kids. Depending on our age, it was either drinking, inadvertently finding older kids’ drugs in the bushes, or skating around screaming while pretending that the guy minding his own business on the grass was actually trying to chase us with his pants down.

I say embrace Pokemon Go, park people. Who knows what the kid in the top hat and Ghostbusters shirt will do if left to his own non-electronic devices?


A brief jaunt

Oh hey – I forgot to post photos from me’n’Benny’s recent short trip. Can you guess where we went?



Island Of Dr. Morose

From various posts on social media and whatnot, it seems that a great deal of my friends are taking tropical jungle island vacations. Even Benny is off someplace chasing/getting chased by monkeys. Well, there may not be any monkeys around me but it’s pretty humid and I just discovered these guys


a block away from where we go to vote, so I’m okay. Seriously, the telephone pole here


runs wires up to my street. And actually, if I had waited around long enough I probably would have run into some monkeys because I noticed that these monuments are a designated Pokemon Go pokestop. Monkeys or zombies.

I didn’t stick around though, because 1) that skull on a stick,


2) I already saw some zombies playing Pokemon at the old zoo the other night that were kind of scary even when I was with a group of friends, and this time I was alone, and 3) the occupant of the house was lurking about, using a leafblower in sort of a menacing manner when he spotted me eyeing the additional moai head in the driveway. I thought it best to scoot before this turned into a Most Dangerous Game or Spawn Of The Subhuman situation.

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