All hail Bethesda

Because I live on a hill and no trick or treaters ever come to my door, I’m going out tonight for some Halloween fun at the Griffith Park Ghost Train. For those of you lucky enough to get trick or treaters, you’re probably going to need something to entertain you if there is a lull in activity. Allow me to suggest the very spooky short film “Agnes Keedan’s Secret Plan.” You may never look at wigs or weird neighbors the same way again.

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Every bite

Hi, Hostess™. I hear you’re going bankrupt. I know what you’re blaming this on, but if you could just take a minute to hear my theory, maybe you’ll take a minute for some introspection. Your marketing through the years changed drastically, and I feel like that change in outward message may have reflected your internal corporate philosophy.

You went from seeing through the eyes of a child:

possessing creative conflict resolution skills

and a “stop and smell the roses” attitude

to faux-caring harmful decision making:

to flat-out greed and gluttony:

With a $100,000 a month salary, you really needed the bakers to take an 8% pay cut? I think someone could use a lesson in sharing.

Next time just let her borrow your umbrella

My friend Carolyn noted recently that I hadn’t yet written a post about puppets. As it is Carolyn’s birthday today, I intend to rectify the situation immediately with a gem from renaissance man Patrick McGuinn’s film oeuvre. The following was an entry in a Hostess Foods contest some years ago, where the entrants were required to make their own commercial for Twinkies snack cakes (WARNING – if you’ve ever partaken in a late-night drinking session with me at my home, I’ve probably already made you watch this):

According to Patrick, he won second prize in the contest, receiving a Twinkie the Kid watch and a billion cases of Twinkies. He has since gone on to even bigger and better things, but I will always be grateful to him for introducing me to Vincent.

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