Laugh, mouse, laugh

This cartoon kind of reminds me of a movie I worked on a long time ago called The Legend of Flashpants. That movie ended more tragically than this one, though, and there was less singing. The female love interest wasn’t as fickle, either. Okay, maybe this cartoon has nothing in common with The Legend of Flashpants except for a mustachioed guy trying to explode his rival onstage. Moving on.

A lesson in intellectual property

I think I’ve found the key to crushing the Disney empire. Stay with me on this one and tell me if you agree.

See, I work in the world of intellectual property, and while in theory it is a noble profession – protecting the rights of creative types so they can make a living off their art – in practice it often gets quite ugly. Let’s just say that you have the job of protecting someone’s song copyrights. In order to keep your claim on the songs, you have to show that you are protecting them to the best of your ability. You have to shut down not only some jerks using the song without permission in some hate propaganda video, but you’re also supposed to shut down the adorable little kid singing the song on YouTube without permission. If you don’t vigorously defend your copyright, you lose it. That’s why the Estate of Georgia O’Keeffe is writing threatening letters to Georgia O’Keeffe Elementary School. That’s why Wham-o insists that you call it disc golf instead of Frisbee™ golf. The makers of the Escalator, Band-Aids, Kleenex and Webster’s Dictionary all learned this lesson the hard way.

Anyway, we come back to Disney. Disney is famous for being especially vigorous in defending their trademarks and copyrighted material, to the point of their legal department frequently being portrayed as jackbooted thugs in the media. They’ve even scared the organizers of Goth Disneyland Day to change their event name to Bats Day At The Fun Park (which name is itself now trademarked). But I’ve found an example of copyright infringement they haven’t shut down for nearly 80 years – an infringement of Mickey Mouse, no less. Now, the way I see it, if everybody just floods YouTube with hundreds of thousands of unauthorized cartoons featuring the Mouse, he will finally be free of his corporate shackles. Maybe. Well, let’s see what happens here:

Note to Disney: The above is a link to the offending material. I know it’s embedded here, but my server is not hosting the file. Not that I’m scared of you or anything, I’m just pointing this out. Have a nice day.

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