Foreign trade

Happy Canada Day, everyone. Have some mellow, jazz-accompanied fireworks.

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Phancy phantasy

I’d normally say that the use of “ph” instead of “f” in the title of this animation was a waste of letters, but this piece is so ornate that I’d be okay with it being called “A Phphphphphantasy.” I even think the saxophone sounds nice.

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The vertical and the horizontal

A long, long time ago, we had a thing called a VHS. Nobody really knows what VHS stands for, but anyway… it was a thing and if we wanted to work this thing to work right we had to constantly adjust the settings for the vertical

and the horizontal.

We didn’t have to walk five miles uphill in the snow both ways to school but still, living in the time of the VHS was a tough time to grow up in. Old timers, do you remember the miracle of auto-tracking?

Dots all

I’m feeling rather minimalist today.

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Finally here

Ah, October. You are such a good month.

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