Word of the day for Tuesday, January 9th

I don’t know where you are, but where I am we had a lovely

sunshower today, after quite a bit of normal dark and stormy-type rain. It was quite nice. “But I know the word ‘sunshower’,” you might be saying. “Everyone knows that a sunshower is a rain shower that occurs while the sun is shining.” Well, smarty, you might know, but apparently not everyone does.

In some parts of the United States, a sunshower is known as a pineapple shower… and even more frequently, it is known as “the devil is beating his wife” or “the wolf is giving birth.”  Apparently the devil is beating is his wife because he’s mad that God made such a beautiful day and he has to take it out on someone. I don’t know why the wolf is giving birth.

Turns out, most of the world has pretty interesting names and meanings for the phenomenon of rain falling while the sun is shining. To wit:

  • it’s the wolf’s wedding in Algeria, France and Morocco
  • it’s the fox’s wedding in Bangladesh, Galicia, Japan, Nepal, Sri Lanka and parts of India
  • it’s the jackal’s wedding in Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan
  • it’s the monkey’s wedding in parts of South Africa, Trinidad and Tobago, Zimbabwe, parts of India and the Sudan
  • species are intermarrying in other parts of South Africa (jackal and wolf), Korea (tiger and fox), Sudan (monkey and donkey), parts of India (crow and fox)
  • gypsies are getting married in Croatia, Macedonia and Albania
  • witches are either getting married (Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic), combing their hair (Catalonia) or making butter (Poland)
  • ghosts are either getting married (parts of India) or just making the rain (Hawaii)
  • a zombie is trying to get his wife to give him some salty food in Haiti
  • Hell is having a carnival according to the people in Netherlands and Belgium
  • It’s a glitter waterfall in Canada
  • It’s a vitterväder in Sweden (if anyone who knows Swedish can explain what “vitterväder” means, I will update this post. I have to say I am intrigued, as Wikipedia sends me to a post about Vittra/Vittror, which are apparently trolls with cows? Please tell me more)

Wow. I grew up in a boring place. We just knew it as a sunshower. I guess that’s what I get for growing up in Sunnyvale.

Watch out for that tree

If a picture is worth a thousand words, this picture is easily worth a thousand and four words.

via the always valuable panels2ponder.com
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Monkey claws

This starts out not making much sense, and then… wow. Stick with it until 8:23, where you may behold the vision of murderous rage in a child’s eyes.

You got a hippopotamus for Christmas

A few days ago Benny and I celebrated Hipponukahmas with some friends. It was messy and there was a higher degree of hearing and vision impairment than at most holiday parties, but somehow that made everything all the more special. And unlike the animals in this cartoon, everybody got home safely.

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Animated gif provided without commentary

Aw, who am I kidding? I can’t not comment on that. WHAT IS IN THAT CART?!? Guesses in the comment section, please.

via Ken Freedman’s playlist from November 16, 2011
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Aesthetician, anesthetician

Apparently monkeys groom deer. Monkeys groom pigs. They groom dogs. Goats. Tapirs. They even groom cats, who are well known self-groomers.

How do I get in on this action? Maybe I don’t have enough nits to keep a monkey groomer happy, but I would sure like to check into getting a nice comb-through. Does anybody have any recommendations? Yelp is not helping me in the slightest.

via Neatorama
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Man, this week was a jerk. I’m glad it’s the weekend so I can relax and have a cocktail and not worry about getting butted in the ass by any more goats.

Luney toons

You’ve got your Japanese moon, your Chinese moon, your German moon, your Soviet-era Russian moon, your British prog moon, but today I’m in the mood for a good old Disney moon.

Old zoo revue

I find it curious that in Morocco there are camels everywhere but everybody smokes Marlboros.

Rainy day schedule

I can’t believe it’s actually raining here in Los Angeles. Nobody ever knows what to do when it rains here.


I do. Crab soccer.

Photo by Matthieu on Flickr

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