Get ready brother, your time has come

This cartoon is so iconic that it’s been copied a lot for faux vintage cartoon projects, but I don’t think I’ve ever posted it before. Three days from Halloween seems like a good time to do so. Beware: there’s no happy ending to this one. Steal a chicken and your days are numbered, bub.

Voice choice

Hey everybody! It’s Billy Murray, the Denver Nightingale himself, providing the voice of Talkie in this cartoon. You say you don’t know who Billy Murray is? Man, know your onions. He’s a real lalapazaza.

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Took a walk and passed your house late last night

There are three silhouette gags in this cartoon, and while the third situation reveals itself to be less sinister than the shadow suggests, I still don’t know what exactly is going on there. Maybe that guy should be brought in for a psych evaluation just in case.

Self-assault and pepper

This Little Lamby sure is a dumb bunny. Maybe he doesn’t understand exactly what’s going on, but he assists with the vegetable prep here and even goes on to season himself. If it weren’t for the brave parents of Animalville, his goose would be cooked.

Out of the inkwell, into the fishtank

Poor Koko. Held captive, periodically mutilated, and drugged to boot. No wonder he acts up from time to time.

Oh, hey. Benny is having an open studio event at 1 pm tomorrow (Sunday, July 20th) where he will be selling Series Two of his amazing Klown Bricks and a bunch of other astounding art. If you are in the LA area, you should come by. If you’re not in the LA area and want to reserve a brick (check out the bricks here), comment here or send me a message ASAP and I’ll give you more info. Hooray for Klown Bricks!

Wind-up fork duck

I may have posted this cartoon a few Christmases ago, but let’s watch it again. You can’t have too many wind-up fork ducks in your life, right?

Whee? Gee…

I’m going to a seance tonight. What dead person should I try to talk to? I was thinking that I’d like to talk to my dad, but he never approved of seances and ouija boards and that sort of thing, so if I try to contact him is he just going to be mad at me? I’m a little confounded.

Ovo intolerant

My friend Eggy came over for a visit this morning. He’s a much nicer guy than the egg in this cartoon, and I wound up giving him a gold bracelet.

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Looks like I’m going on a picnic tomorrow. Maybe I should bring some extra pancakes.

Lullaby of Frogtown

Last week I posted a cartoon that started off with a musical frog. As soon as the frog really got cooking on his trumpet, the storyline lurched elsewhere. I really wanted to hear more of that frog. “What happened to the frog?” I wondered. Well, he showed up here:

Maybe it’s a different musical frog. He’s singing instead of playing the trumpet, and he does look different. I’m guess I’m going to have to keep looking around for that first frog.

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