Has a first name, has a second name, has a third name

Apropos of nothing, today I learned that bologna goes by many names in its various guises:

Distant cousins are:

Woof. The loaf variants are starting to gross me out. Let’s not invite them to the next Circle Meat family gathering, okay?

Photo of the Dachshund UN by Craig Bush on Flickr

Belated bologna

Yeah, yeah; I missed National Bologna Day yesterday. Big whoop. It might not even be real holiday. I did learn something important in my research on the topic, however: if you ask for a bowlful of cheerios when you’re in New Zealand, you might get oversized hotdogs in purple casings instead of breakfast cereal. Let’s just forget about this National Bologna Day for now.

Via The Hairpin; photo by ojimbo via Flickr
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