Elevator pitch

Guys, guys. Moonie & Kilo’s Excellent Adventure. Moonie & Kilo’s Day Off. Moonie & Kilo: The Odyssey Begins. Moonie & Kilo: An Affair To Remember.


It’s gotta be better than Dunston Checks In
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Missed call

Man, I could have contributed a lot to Ian Phillips’ book project featuring lost and found pet notices from around the world, but I didn’t hear about it until now. Here’s one from his collection:

The lost pet notice collector community doesn’t have a great communication network yet, I guess.

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We can find something better anywhere

Yesterday I noticed a utility pole with four different lost pet notices on it – Maybelle was on one side of the pole,

and Angel, Jako and an unnamed chihuahua mix were on the other side.

bremenI know it’s unlikely, but I’m hoping they’re not all really lost but actually traveling together on a fairytale-style pilgrimage to a city more appreciative of their musical talents. We’re only one donkey and one cat away from the Musicians of Bremen here, and I could easily see these guys fighting off robbers and taking over a cottage, and then getting their story loosely translated into a Soviet animated rock-n-roll extravaganza. Can’t you?

(Cartoon best viewed at 360p or higher)


Name is Charles, and enjoys singing the Addams Family theme…


I don’t know, Mommy, but I think you may have dodged a bullet here. I seem to remember the ancestral credo for the family on Cemetery Lane being Sic gorgiamus allos subjectatos nunc.

Everything nice

Sugar is a narcissist.

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If it looks like a duck…

I had no idea people kept pheasants as pets until I saw this flyer today:

In my further research on the topic, I found a gadget on Wikipedia that I think will help these people find their lost pet. It involves what looks like a gold coin, a wooden pyramid, and some lotus blossoms, which sounds like something you would need to catch a wizard. I’ll bet this is a tricky pet to deal with.

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