Beast of burden

I can’t tell if the artist who rendered this mule in Lone Pine

was laboring too much or not enough. The mules sure did a lot of laboring around there back in the day. You can read about their efforts on Mt. Whitney on the Mule Museum website.

Have a relaxing time and take the easy way today, everybody.

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And the rest, 2017 edition

From my last two posts whooping and hollering about the amazingness of some different lands that we visited, you might get the impression that I don’t appreciate the USA. That would be wrong. I love a place that has this merry-go-round sign for a Chinese restaurant

and this giant polar bear casino

and this crazy pastime

and this sign

and this fish ladder

and so much more that there’s no way I can include even just the best stuff from a four-state road trip in one post. I love you, USA. This isn’t a popularity contest. Chill out.

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