Point well taken

I drove by what is probably my favorite liquor store sign today and thought about trying to take another picture of it, but I was late for an appointment. I always take rotten photos of this sign for some reason, and I would really like to have a nice photo of it someday. When I don’t stop to make another photo attempt, it’s because it’s too hard to park there, or the light seems bad, or whatever. And I already missed getting a photo of it before it got a big hole in it.

When I was leaving my appointment, I heard the news that the Melrose Witch (a/k/a Lava Lady, a/k/a Wellington Witch, etc.) had died. I drove by the liquor store sign, took a few more rotten photos, got home and bumped up the color on the photo as far as it would go, and now I’m posting it in honor of the passing of a most unique lady.


RIP, Ray Suzan Strauss. You were one of the first things I liked about Los Angeles.


UPDATE: More links about Suzan Strauss here and here (I’m being informed that my hyperlink color is too close to my regular text color, so you might have missed one of these above)

Time to sprout

Spring is almost here, and I’m very much looking forward to it. I know that every living thing goes through a cycle of generation, maturity, and death, but it seems like we’ve been in an especially active death period of late.

The sad bridesmaid of Fountain Avenue? Gone. The armored guards of Los Feliz Boulevard? Gone.  Sunset Boulevard’s Ape Boy? Gone*. The lava rock houses in Hollywood formerly occupied by the Melrose Witch (who herself retired to Florida some years ago)? Gone, for all intents and purposes.


The lava rocks have been removed, chintzy sconces have been added, and it’s been painted BEIGE.

I have to remind myself that while these wonderful things may be gone, spring is the time of regeneration. A whole new crop of wonderful things is supposed to spring up any day now. Let’s get going, spring.

*Okay, he’s been gone for a while. I don’t know if I’m ever going to get over that one.
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