Also known as a “fuddle”

Part of me loves Thanksgiving and part of me gets very anxious about it, the latter because it’s very frequently a potluck dinner affair. I never cop out with potlucks by just bringing a bag of chips; I always make an effort to bring something delicious and/or fun.

And that’s where the anxiety comes in. I can’t just bring the dish. I find myself monitoring it to make sure people are trying some. Hoping they are enjoying it. I don’t need raves, I just don’t want to bring home the whole thing and have to eat it all by myself the rest of the week.

So this Thanksgiving is great! The pressure is off. Sure, Benny and I are going to have to make the entire meal ourselves, but when we do, there isn’t going to be a whole roomful of people critiquing the brussels sprouts. We can really let loose and experiment.

One thing I’ve always been intrigued by is a savory gelatin salad. Should I try one this year? Brian Downey a/k/a FalconBowse just gave me a fantastic/terrible idea:

Go to his Instagram to see it jiggle.

Hm. The colors here really pop, but I’m thinking more of a tomato aspic. If it doesn’t taste good, we can just hollow it out a bit and wear it for the family Zoom meeting and make everyone feel better about not having us over this year.

Hot dog herpetology

I once made an art piece in college called “Sinners in the Hands of an Angry Housewife” for a mixed media class I was taking. It consisted of bananas drowning in a lake of jell-o fire, and it was a complete disaster. I think one of my main problems was that I used real bananas and jell-o; also, I didn’t seal up the lake bed very well. The whole thing seeped out onto the floor by the time my critique came up.

If only I had had the money and ingenuity then that Banksy is showing with his new installation in New York – the Village Petstore and Charcoal Grill. With the benefit of fake food and robotic technology, he’s been able to make fish fingers swimming around in a bowl, little chicken nuggets dipping themselves into barbecue sauce, and a languid leopard skin coat resting in a tree. Of course, my favorite pieces are the bologna logs enjoying sips of mustard as they sun themselves in their cages:

Actually, I think I may have eaten one of these fake hot dogs by accident last night instead of what I ordered at Weeneez, because something in my stomach is doing an awful lot of angry moaning today. I hope the batteries die soon.

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