Sir Cough, a guy

I seem to be way behind in posting vacation photos. We’re already in Memphis, and have passed through Cairo and Little Egypt and I can’t remember what else and I still haven’t shared my photos of all those mysterious fiberglas tombs we found all stacked up together.



IMG_5442  IMG_5456




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Lookin’ foxy

I’m never going anywhere without bubble gum ever again. Thanks, Red Robin Hood.

’round the corner, fudge is made

One thing I find a little troublesome about Manhattan is that because there are so many trained artists around, there is precious little storefront art. It’s hard to get your cousin to paint a crude picture of a diaper box on the side of your market when there are ten MFAs willing to do a version in the style of your choice in exchange for a couple of Lotto tickets.

I did, however, meet some really nice folks in Coney Island. There was the dapper Mr. Shrimp:

He had quite a sense of humor, that Mr. Shrimp. I’m still wondering about that lemonade he gave me.

Then there was Chiefito and his sister Chiefita:

So sweet. So fluffy. And of course I’ll never forget the nice folks at the clam bar:

Was that a clam-flavored ice cream cone? They weren’t much for talking, so I never found out. There were these other guys at the next table, though, who offered me a really big hot dog.

I think they were in some sort of big-hat/double-entendre gang with Mr. Shrimp. Ha ha, big-hat guys. Anyway, nice to meet you all. I hope we can get together again soon.

Triple wonderland

Around this time of year, I start thinking about a really spectacular celebrity sighting that Benny had in the early ’90s outside a Thrifty drug store in Hollywood – the Del Rubio Triplets. They had purchased three double-dip chocolate ice cream cones – one for Eadie, one for Elena, and one for Milly – and a gallon of vodka. Benny watched as the girls climbed into a big white Cadillac to eat their ice cream cones. He didn’t get to see what they did with the vodka.

Why do I start thinking about Benny’s celebrity sighting this time of year?

That’s why.

Word of the day for Wednesday, October 7th

I need to warn my wonderful boyfriend Benny that he’s not going to like today’s word.

But have no fear, Benny! I’m not talking about that head-in head-out shaking-about children’s game you so rightfully loathe.  I’m talking about an older definition of hokey-pokey: inferior ice cream.

There is some debate about whether “hokey-pokey” comes from some bastardization of what Italian ice cream sellers would yell on the street to advertise that their treat cost a very little amount of money, or whether it descended from the phrase “hocus-pocus” as it relates to a feeling of deception.

Now that I think about it, Benny, I’m pretty sure you don’t like this kind of hokey-pokey either. I will do my best to help you avoid it. That’s what I’m all about.

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