The tie that binds

I’m interviewing new department assistants at work this week, and for some reason the desperation that people are feeling trying to find a job really hit me this morning. It had something to do with the hundredth or so cover letter that was so bright and sparkling and eager about this ehhh okay entry-level job that it made me wince a little, I guess, and the fact that all the applicants feel like they have to be this eager just to get an interview. Maybe they do have to be this eager to get a job interview at most places these days. These applicants are making me feel like the dance promoter in They Shoot Horses, Don’t They?, even though I feel like I’m being honest that it’s a bit of a dumb and gruelling day for the money being offered.

Then again (oh yes, there is always a then again, isn’t there?), I keep forgetting where I work. I work at a place that has an amazing song catalog, so amazing that it has utterly spoiled me. I have to remember that most people that have my job, or a job as my assistant, at other companies do not get to spend their days looking at this on youtube

legitimately, as a function of work. So, how dumb and gruelling a day can that be? Go ahead, eager young tyros; send me your resumes!*

*Please do not really send me your resumes.
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