Cheshire kitty

Whenever anything about Sanrio character Hello Kitty shows up in the news, my mother calls me. “I remember how much you loved Hello Kitty,” she says, and then she launches into this story about some former wife of my uncle (is that an ex-aunt?) saying something mean about my Hello Kitty obsession 30 years ago or whatever. The thing is, I didn’t like Hello Kitty the best of all the Sanrio characters. I liked the Little Twin Stars angels and My Melody the rabbit. Hello Kitty was always too serious with her lack of a mouth.

This party store in Eagle Rock fixed that.

Hello Kitty with a smile is leagues better than the typical no-mouth-like-that-creepy-cartoon-kid-Henry Hello Kitty. If you look closely, you can see she even has a trace of a moustache. Very endearing.

I really like this party store. They even sell sticks.

This place knows what kids like. A kid doesn’t really need more than a stick and a smiling cat to be happy. I doubt even my ex-aunt could argue with that.

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Walking after Midnight

Lord knows I love a good pet costume. In my book, there’s nothing wrong with dressing up your pet in a hilarious outfit from time to time if the pet seems to enjoy it. Even if the pet doesn’t seem to enjoy it, if he or she tolerates dress-up time, and you save dress-up time for special occasions, there’s nothing wrong with dolling your guinea pig up as Chuck Mangione*.

But you should know when to say when. And I have a feeling that Midnight’s owners just didn’t know when to say when with this little white t-shirt. And one day she just couldn’t take it any more.


The look in her eyes seems to say that her owners also dressed her in onesies from time to time.

*Yes, I know Chuck Mangione actually plays a fluegelhorn, not a french horn.

Hell bent for leathers

Say you’re a guy who likes to race his motorcycle around really fast, and you would prefer to keep your skin on your body rather than let it become one with the pavement in the event of an accident. You’re going to need some racing leathers.

Unfortunately, most racing leathers look a little silly, like you’re wearing a Godzilla suit or trying to imitate a crime-fighting armadillo. On top of that, you’re sick of hearing the snide insinuations that you’re trying to compensate for some sort of sexual shortcomings with your crotch rocket and your Road Warrior ensemble, which are totally unfair. You aren’t trying to be Mr. Tough Guy. You just like riding your bike fast. What can you do?

Hello Kitty leathers. That’s what you do. Totally metrosexual. Ride on, hellcat!

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