Snowy mountain breakdown

Yesterday I stumbled across a – shall we say – rather thorough shot-by-shot analysis of Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining, and I have to say that it nagged at me a bit. Yes, it reminded me that I would never cut it if I wanted to go and get a film critical studies degree, but on the other hand I kept noticing a blind spot.

If you thought the theories in Room 237 were wild, your mind will boggle at the sheer volume of references noted by this author. The Roadrunner, kitchen safety posters, Nietzsche, Playgirl magazine, Alex Colville, Shakespeare, French doors, the four seasons, Edomite kings, legs of lamb, blackboards, dart boards, lightbulbs, Clint Eastwood, The Flying Dutchman… and yet she misses one.

When talking to the pediatrician early in the movie, Wendy Torrance is wearing not one but two union suits. Two union suits. You know who else wore two union suits? Farmer Al Falfa in this cartoon, that’s who. And I hardly have to tell you what that signifies, right?

Yeah, actually I got nothing either.

Motel Heck

Earlier today a friend of Benny’s asked him for some ideas for a fun kids’ Halloween party. Now, you may recall that some time ago I consulted a card file of activities for just such an event. Unfortunately, back then I couldn’t find the master table of contents for the activity instructions and was left somewhat confused about what this one game Peanut Lag was supposed to be, so I wound up giving up on the whole party idea.

Well, at some point later today I finally found the table of contents for the card file, and there are a whole bunch of games here that sound pretty good that weren’t even listed on the plan for Halloween.

By the time I found the table of contents, however, Benny had already come up with his own ideas for activities/refreshments for a fun kids’ Halloween party. This is kind of a PG-rated blog so I might have to edit some of these descriptions from the original, but hopefully you’ll get the idea:

  • Tie a turkey neck to the oldest boy’s bathing suit area. Call him Carl and have him serve drinks to the ladies
  • Cover the hallway floor in ground beef. Cover that with clear plastic and dish soap. Slip-n-Slide!
  • DO NOT HAVE ANY CLOWNS. Enough people already think they need to pretend to be afraid of clowns. Hire a terrifying pony instead
  • Get a bounce house. Write “ORGY DOME” on the side in “fake blood”. (Fake blood is any real blood that isn’t “technically” human)
  • Fear Pong
  • Closet Goose
  • Difficult Cheese. Difficult Cheese is just new labels on cans of orange spray paint. They go next to the “crackers”
  • Lunch Creep
  • Pin The Tail On Heather’s Hot Mom
  • Chicken Bone Challenge
  • Barebottom Hayride
  • Facepainting

Benny’s friend wrote back “thanks” but we haven’t heard anything further. Maybe we need to have our own party.

Might be a Ministry fan

This front yard might not look unusual to you if you are reading an archived copy of this post in, say, October:

but bear in mind that I took these photos yesterday, April 16th.

Maybe it’s some “Christ rising from the dead” display in honor of Easter on Sunday. My bible knowledge seems to be a little rusty; what part had the giant smiling worm and Pokemon bellsprouts?


Taking inventory on the hallowed day

This Halloween was not a bad one in terms of costumes. I may have been sheltered by the environments I chose to be in, but I did not see one Donald Trump and that was more than fine with me. I see too much of that creep as it is, and while he is indeed one of the scariest things I can think of right now, it’s more like real scary and not “this seems scary but it’s really safe” scary that you want around Halloween.

Some highlights were the dog Illluminati

(seriously, check that out)

and perennial favorites Cheech & Chong:

There was the indecisive Ronald McDonald at the grocery store that Benny saw rejecting a bag of grapes and then some juice – here he is heading toward the booze and energy drinks:

but the winner for me was this modest fellow in our neighborhood:

Peter Pan Hedge didn’t take his costume off all week. That is dedication to the holiday, folks.

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I’m not sure why I never posted this ’20s Mickey Mouse cartoon before. It might have to do with the annoying throwaway Al Jolson blackface joke early on – sometimes I post these cartoons with caveats about ignorance of the time and how we shouldn’t erase history and pretend we weren’t ignorant, and sometimes I’m just too annoyed that these dumb ignorant jokes taint the otherwise lovely cartoon. This one isn’t a mean-spirited joke, and it’s about two seconds long, but I need to point it out.

Other than that, this one is pretty enjoyable if just for the fact that there seems to have been either a time crunch or lesser-skilled animators working on certain segments of the cartoon. Notice the weird solid black in between the ribs. At first I thought “oh, this is how they drew skeletons back then,” but then there is the marimba skeleton who has a more realistic looking ribcage, with no solid black parts. What was happening here? Was this incompetence? Or just a time-saving measure?

If this isn’t a dog costume, I don’t what is

My brilliant friend Nessie entered the Long Beach Howl’oween Parade dog costume contest with her dog Merf this weekend.

They did not win, and while I feel that’s kind of an outrage, I can’t stay mad too long when I look at the winner.

It was kind of a ridiculous day and I would recommend it to anyone. Turn on this Halloween playlist from WFMU and take a look at some of the other contestants and spectators.

Sexy robot overlords

Janelle Shane has done the world a great service by training a neural network to come up with some good Halloween costumes. The neural network did not disappoint. Some highlights that you might want to try:

  • Celery Blue Frankenstein
  • Lady Garbage
  • A masked box
  • Shower Witch
  • Zombie Fire Cith Bader Ginsburg
  • The Barboon
  • Sexy The Super Bass
  • Statue of Pizza
  • Panda Clam
  • Sexy scare costume
  • Barfer

There are more ideas here and here. There’s still time left this weekend to work on one of these. Barfer should be pretty easy.

via Metafilter
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The bike with horsepower

I don’t know about you, but I’m finding the body-slicing abilities of the animals on this farm way scarier than any old witch or hooting pumpkin.

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Danse Macabre

If you have any sense at all, you should be getting ready for Halloween right now. Here’s some music to help you get in the mood. Go. Go get in the mood.

Thanks, Leonard Phillips!

999 hoppy haunts

My young ward and I were walking about the neighborhood recently when we noticed something interesting happening at Bunnybury – the house with the hundreds of rabbit figurines in the yard. Mainly, there were no more rabbits. There were, however, quite a number of ghouls and ghosts and skeletons and such.

Note young ward’s tongue lolling about in terror. Wow. What happened to all the rabbits?

Oh, there’s a couple. They look terrified. I guess I would be too if I found myself in this unsettling landscape. Maybe they had been invited to a wedding

or had season tickets for basketball

in their formerly pleasant hamlet and nobody bothered to tell them that their world had suddenly turned into Night of the Undead Lepus. Or something. I guess those don’t really look like rabbit skeletons. Maybe just the ghosts are rabbits. Regardless, pretty darned scary.


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