Who ya callin’ Bimbo?

You can always count on Betty Boop to deliver a cute scary cartoon, even early flapper dog Betty. This one is interesting in that Bimbo gets top billing. In case you’re not familiar with Fleischer Studios character history, Bimbo is the boy dog here, not the girl/dog hybrid. Nobody’s calling Betty a bimbo. Bimbo comes from the animated version of Mutt & Jeff. To be clear, Mutt is not a mutt. Mutt is a guy, Jeff is a nut, and Bimbo’s a… well, he’s usually a mutt but you’ll have to watch the whole cartoon to see what he is here.

Magic Mike it’s not

Every time I think I’ve seen all the vintage Halloween cartoons, someone proves me wrong. Thanks to @bittycar, I think I have two spooky bits to post this weekend. Try not to get too scared.

Sissy with a pumpkin

Finally, an answer to the question, “Did Rankin-Bass ever make a classic Halloween special?”

The answer is no.

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Booping for apples

I never noticed this before, but Betty Boop’s house seems to have an awful lot of pig portraits in it. And I’m absolutely fine with that. Maybe this is just a seasonal thing with her. I’ll have to do further research.

If you aren’t yet in the Halloween mood, this should help. Now get out that witch paint!

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