Button, button…

A friend recently gave me two big boxes of buttons. There are a lot of really good buttons in there, but unfortunately there are also a lot of grey buttons, and I just don’t know what to do with them. Grey. I don’t have a very good relationship with grey. I can’t even decide how to spell it. Apparently spellcheck prefers “gray.” Anyway.

I know; they look blue in the photo. Trust me – they’re gray. Grey. Eh. I was thinking about anonymously donating these to the artist Clare Graham, but he makes things out of thousands of buttons. What does he need with less than 100 grey buttons? Ugh. Phooey. These buttons are making me feel inadequate. I need to get rid of them. So they’re today’s Fancy Notions offering. Someone must have a use for them. One of you, perhaps.

You could make a button landscape of a stormy sky. You could become an eccentric collector. You could replace all the buttons on your red coat. You could do a lot of things with a lot of buttons like this.

As always, if you want these buttons, just write in to the comments section indicating your desire for them. The first person with a hint of sincerity in their comment will get these mailed to them, free of charge from me.

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