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Aw, man. The LA River sucks. I can’t even believe they call it a river. Dumb concrete channel doesn’t even get wet unless it rains, which it never does. I mean, how can it be a river if people can race cars on it? How can it be a river if people film WWI battleground scenes and giant mutant ant attacks in it? Can people ride a boat on it? Can they fish? Is there even any wildlife that lives there? Why do they even bother having bridges over it?


What’s that?

Fine. Maybe the LA River doesn’t totally suck.

Thanks for all of your magic, SC Mero!

A real tasty wagon

When I was in junior high, our school put on a production of the musical Grease. It being a junior high production of a play that featured a lot of profanity and a pregnancy scare plot point, there were a lot of changes that had to be made by our advisor Mr. Smith. Because I was cast as Miss Lynch, the “no-nonsense, serious, loud English teacher,” I wasn’t affected much, but Rizzo and Danny were particularly upset when lyric changes were watered down and showcase ballads were cut for propriety’s sake. “I swear my mom won’t care if I sing ‘pussy wagon,’ Mr. Smith. I SWEAR.”

It seems that a lot of other junior high schools had similar issues, and Samuel French now has a “school version” of the play.  I wonder how Mr. Smith’s version stacked up to this one.

I was reminded of all of this because last night we took Benny’s kids to an outdoor screening of the film version of Grease, and I was a little concerned with the jokes about the broken rubbers etc., but they did not seemed concerned. They were more interested in the ice cream truck parked on the side of the screen, and I must admit that it had a very nice hot rod painted on the side.

Unfortunately, it looked like it lost the LA River race to a banana split.

Better luck next time, Iced Lightning.


Grumpy, Sneezy, Shoddy

Today’s “Around the world in LA” residence is probably not going to seem that special to Angelenos, I fear. But the fact that this place is met with, “Yeah, that place. Yawn…” just serves to further  cement the fact that Los Angeles is truly a fantastic place. Today’s ho-hum residence is the Snow White Cottages in Silver Lake:


Some nice facts about the eight Snow White Cottages:

  • They were originally the homes for Disney animators in the ’30s working on Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (sic). The Disney Studios were just around the corner.
  • I know a somewhat short of stature songwriter who lives in one of the cottages. If he were one of the Seven Dwarves, I think he would be named Wistful.
  • These cottages are just down the street from Marshall High School, which is famous for educating Miss America 1941 and being the site of the school carnival scene at the end of Grease where Olivia Newton-John gets all slutted up for John Travolta.


  • I also have a friend who lived here after he kicked a nasty drug habit. I guess now that he’s clean he would neither be  Dopey nor Sleepy.
  • The cottages were featured in the David Lynch film Mulholland Drive. Unlike some other David Lynch productions, Mulholland Drive did not feature any dwarves.
  • Elliott Smith also used to live here. Maybe he could have been Dopey or Sleepy.


  • There are a bunch of other Black Forest-y sorts of houses nearby, including Walt Disney’s old residence, but I felt this post was getting too long to include them here.
  • These cottages are in need of some basic maintenance. Unfortunately, the landlady appears to be ruining the Snow White Cottages by repairing the roofs with cheap tarpaper rather than the intricate thatchwork they had originally.



Go check them out before they’re completely cheapo-refurbed over.

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