Word of the day for Monday, April 18th

I recently rented the documentary film Until The Light Takes Us, which is about the history of Norwegian black metal (which is not the same as death metal, thank you very much) and some curious incidents associated with the scene in the ’90s. “Curious” like murder and suicide and church burnings and such.

Anyway, I’ve watched the film twice now because I’m still trying to figure out a couple of things and I also really want Benny to see it, but every time we put it on, he very quickly falls asleep. This is not to say the film is bad, by any means; it’s just that Benny has to wake up at 4 a.m. and the score for the film is really breathy/icy ethereal stuff, not black metal.

Though he hasn’t technically watched the film, it appears that the subject matter has been seeping into his subconscious. One day he came home from work and announced that he had set up a black metal Pandora station featuring the bands Mayhem and Burzum*, among others.

Mayhem**! That’s Euronymous’ group. And Burzum is Count Grishnack, the guy who killed Euronymous.” And then Benny directed me to a website that exhaustively listed the finest records that Norwegian black metal has to offer. It seems that there is a record label called Head Not Found, and there is a band called:

Glitter text

Technically, Fimbulwinter means “the great winter,” the event in Norse mythology just before Ragnarok. I think it sounds much cooler to define it as “the immediate prelude to the end of the world,” though.

*not linking to official Burzum site because Count Grishnack has a lot of opinions about blood and race that I don’t support and don’t want to imply that I support by linking to the site.
**also not linking to Mayhem’s official site, mainly because it’s your typical Myspace mess.