Fancy notions #11


Surely I can’t be giving away this wonderful do-it-yourself angel kit as today’s fancy notions offering, can I?


Surely I am. You’ll have to provide wings, and halo, and, uh, the harp, but everything else you need to make a lovely angel is here. You might also need some glue. What you’re getting from me is: two Shirley dolls imported from China, a packet of multicolored glitter, and a jar of iridescent white glitter. No, that’s not a vial of meth to keep you focused on your do-it-yourself angel project, it’s glitter. See?



If you want this fabulous do-it-yourself angel kit, just write to me at herndonofsunnyvale(at) The first or most sincere person to write in gets the kit. Good luck!

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Word of the day for Friday, April 18th

“Unverschämtheitermüdung” means “impudence fatigue.” I may be suffering from unverschämtheitermüdung today, so it’s good to have a word for it. Thanks, German language!

P.S. I do not recommend clicking on the glitter letters above.

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