Know your flavors

Joan, come here. I need to check something.

Nope. This definitely isn’t Joan. Joan here smells like butterscotch.


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Please be carful

My friend Mike encountered these warning flyers at the Old Zoo the other day.


I’m glad someone is putting up warnings, because I for one do not want to encounter a flaming baby or a ginger police demon. The most menacing thing I’ve ever seen at the Old Zoo at midnight is a roving gang of Pokemon Go hunters, but I don’t think I should press my luck.


It just stopped raining and I don’t consider myself particularly macho.

Photos by the ever-adventurous Mike Biggie

The Fern Dell ghost and his vampire bike

Last week I was very disheartened because I saw the cool old guy who might be a ghost or might be a vampire near Griffith Park again, and he was riding his bicycle, and of course this is the only photo I got:


This got me wondering: if he’s a vampire but he was riding his bike, wouldn’t I have gotten a photo of a bicycle with nobody riding it? Or is his bike a vampire as well? I tried doing a little online research but didn’t find anything of much use. I should note to you that I do not recommend doing online searches for “vampire bike” or “vampire bicycle.” For that matter, “vampire,” unless you want to look at a bunch of old Angelfire or Geocities pages with black backgrounds. The only information you’ll find about vampires on these pages is that high school principals totally persecute vampires and it’s way not fair.

Anyway, I tried again another day last week, and just when I was about to take the picture, my camera battery died. I was really getting freaked out by this point. I was never going to get a picture of this guy. I was a terrible paranormal investigator. But yesterday there must have been some vampire-seeing eclipse or Pluto rising or something because I GOT A PHOTO OF THE FERN DELL GHOST:


There he is, jogging. I can’t believe it. And even better, when I was looking through my photos later, I found something that I hadn’t even seen when I was taking the pictures: I got a photo of the Fern Dell Ghost approaching his vampire bike, which was parked near a tree:


Even after I made the tags there, I had to do some Photoshop adjustments so you could see them, but they’re clearly there. I don’t think anybody has taken a photo of a vampire bicycle before, so I don’t know if I should try to send this in somewhere or copyright it or what. This is pretty exciting, no? I hope this site doesn’t crash from all the hits when word gets out about this.

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The Fern Dell ghost

At about 9:45 most weekday mornings, I see this guy either walking or riding a bike on the north side of Los Feliz Boulevard between Fern Dell Drive and Hobart. I guess I notice him because he’s so cool looking; and by “cool,” I don’t mean “neat,” I mean cool. He’s in his ’60s or ’70s, and he’s always wearing an old baseball cap, red Converse high tops and what I guess you would call dungarees that are cuffed at the bottom. He never wears a shirt, and he has this really sunburned barrel chest.

I love this guy. He looks like an old rich artist who likes to pretend he’s a merchant marine. He looks like he could beat the crap out of Norman Mailer. I know Norman Mailer is dead, but this guy could have beaten the crap out of Living Norman Mailer. You know what I mean. It makes me so happy to see him that he more than makes up for the terrible new mommy aerobics club that hangs out in that part of Griffith Park (more on them later).

So anyway, on my way to work this morning, I decided to take a photo of him. Look what I got:

Nothing. He’s not there.* Is he a ghost? Wait, I think you can take photos of ghosts. Is he a vampire? He doesn’t seem like a vampire. He’s a ghost if he’s not real. And he might be too cool to be real. I will try to find out more.


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