Duck tape

Too bad Dinky didn’t get to do an ad for Chapstik. That one would have been easy.

A man’s day

You may have read some articles lately about how some really, really mad MRAs are really, really mad about the “damn political lecture” that is the new Mad Max movie.  Maybe you don’t know what an MRA is. Here’s a cartoon featuring two of them.


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Storming the castle

Several years ago about this time of year, I tried to cross the border into Canada with a bunch of fireworks. When the border agent started confiscating said fireworks, I asked him, “But don’t you like fireworks? Tomorrow is Canada Day!” He answered me thusly: “We like things that fizz, not things that bang.” So, Canada.

When we went to Mexico earlier this summer, Benny and I bought a bunch of fireworks in town and set them off on the beach. I can assert most confidently that Mexico prefers things that bang, not things that fizz.

Sick days

After days of ignoring the blog and trying to tell myself I’m not sick, I have finally succumbed. It’s more of a sneezing sort of sick rather than a shrieking in the jungle sort of sick. Still, I’ll have to remember not to suck my nose.

Howdy Doody and His Magic Hat

To quote YouTube user Montork, “Usually I think anything with Howdy Doody is creepy as shit but this, this is charming!” Yep.

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Metaphor or five

I’ve got to stop reading conspiracy theories. They’re starting to make me see connections where my rational mind knows no connections exist. I even did a youtube search for “Illuminati cartoons,” but after a while every cartoon that I watched started having hidden meanings. To wit, this Gene Deitch cartoon. Though it was made about 50 years ago, it’s a virtual retelling of this camping trip I went on last weekend that turned into kind of a disastrous mess with all the local townspeople wanting to kill us. I won’t go into details, but let’s just say that you can substitute megaphones for the bugle and soundcar artbikes for the horse and get a pretty accurate picture of my President’s Day weekend. And Clint Clobber? With his red longjohns, he’s obviously a stand-in for the members of E Clampus Vitus. I’d like to say I was a tenant in one of the other apartments, but I don’t think I can let myself off that easily. Please forgive us, Salvation Mountain. This won’t happen again.

Hair poof and somber records

Now I know why I was having such a problem finding my favorite Tom & Jerry cartoon on YouTube. I was looking for a Chuck Jones cartoon, but this wasn’t directed by Chuck Jones – it was made by Gene Deitch and his genius band of Czech animators. Enjoy.

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