William Pene du Bois, take us away

The weather today is beautiful, but I have to say that something about the day itself is rather strange and sinister. On my way to work, as I drove down Beverly Blvd. I noticed about two blocks-worth of gutter filled with bras and panties and high heels. On my way to lunch, I encountered two bags of groceries in the crosswalk. A sack of oranges, a packet of sliced beef, and a bag of maybe sausages (but maybe turds) getting run over by cars as they drove by.

On his way to lunch, Benny walked by a dead dog in a box with a sign over it that said, “Do you recognize this dead dog?” Then he drove by a probably dead guy at the moment that the cops and ambulance were driving up to investigate. Then he got stuck behind a funeral procession.

I’m not sure what is happening here today. It sure would be nice if a bunch of balloons could just come and take us to Krakatoa.

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