Order from chaos

Dear Readers,

I need your help. If you frequent this site you may be aware that I have some regular categories into which many posts fit quite nicely. I have the Lost & Found category, which features lost and found pet notices but also veers off track from time to time without too much fuss. I have the Store Front Art category, which features art that has achieved greatness beyond its original intention to attract customers to a business; not all of the art featured in Store Front Art is actually painted on the front of a store, but it fits the spirit of the category. Yesterday, however, I found this flyer on my front gate, and I must admit it confounded me:


Do I put this in Lost & Found or Store Front Art? Or do I just post this to the Flickr group photo pool dedicated to Stick Figures In Peril? Anybody who has ever tried to saw something while not having any hands or elbow joints knows that the contractor depicted above is in a perilous situation indeed.

So, please:

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