Cold shoulder

Today’s cartoon features a bunch of awesome penguins messing up a bigot’s house. The bigot has a saxophone and a concertina in his house. I guess a bigot needs to entertain himself when he’s all by himself being bigoted.


Get ready brother, your time has come

This cartoon is so iconic that it’s been copied a lot for faux vintage cartoon projects, but I don’t think I’ve ever posted it before. Three days from Halloween seems like a good time to do so. Beware: there’s no happy ending to this one. Steal a chicken and your days are numbered, bub.

Mama don’t allow no political allegories in here

I’ve been trying to find more information about the nursery rhyme “There Was An Old Woman Who Lived In A Shoe.” Apparently it’s not just a cute poem about a mother who starves and whips her children. It might be about King George II, it might be about George’s wife Caroline, it might be about the US when it was still a British colony.

I like this cartoon version where she feeds them and doesn’t beat them, and all she does when it gets to be a bit too much is drink some cider. It doesn’t make much historical sense, and yes, she’s probably going to become an alcoholic if this is her only coping mechanism, but it’s nice to see that those kids aren’t being hindered in their desire to throw down a stomping beat.

Took a walk and passed your house late last night

There are three silhouette gags in this cartoon, and while the third situation reveals itself to be less sinister than the shadow suggests, I still don’t know what exactly is going on there. Maybe that guy should be brought in for a psych evaluation just in case.

High cholesterol

I don’t know if I can do this every week, but today’s cartoon is available in English and en Español. Ovo-hubris, thy name is Humpty. Cuidad, huevo codiciosos.

Self-assault and pepper

This Little Lamby sure is a dumb bunny. Maybe he doesn’t understand exactly what’s going on, but he assists with the vegetable prep here and even goes on to season himself. If it weren’t for the brave parents of Animalville, his goose would be cooked.

Spinach Bowl

I believe many of the maneuvers depicted in this cartoon are against NFL regulations, but kids play like that sometimes.

Forget Deflategate. Inflategate is where it’s at.

Wringing it out

Bluto and Popeye are getting along in this cartoon. Does this ever happen again? 1938 must have been a very special year.

Mach duck

I’ve heard that you should never order duck from a restaurant that has an “A” rating from the Health Department. I’m pretty sure this restaurant did not get an “A” rating, but I still don’t think I should order the duck.

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Sunday bunnies

This isn’t an Easter cartoon per se, but I think I’ve already posted the best Easter cartoons already. Sit back and relax with a bowlful of jelly beans as you watch a bull get yelled at by his wife for trying to drink some punch. A new Easter tradition.

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