Etiquette & superstition: eating mice

A word to the squeamish: I do not recommend doing an image search for the phrase “eating mice.” For some reason I was trying to find a cute photo of a little rodent with stuffed cheeks, and now my day is ruined. I do, however, now have an etiquette & suspicion topic.

ETIQUETTE: If you find yourself in the Mekong Delta or at a dinner party in the 19th century hosted by William Buckland, you may be offered roasted or fried mice for dinner. Unless you are a vegetarian, you should at least give it a taste. If you pull the lame “my doctor has me on a strict diet” deflection to avoid eating something unpleasant, you run the risk of missing out on the best dessert you would have ever tasted in your life that was to have been the next course. Come on; give it a try. Maybe you can get it prepared with a nice little garlic sauce, which I hear is really quite good.

SUPERSTITION: The eating of a roasted mouse is said to be an excellent cure for whooping cough, epilepsy, sore throats, measles and bedwetting.

Photo of mice eating peanut butter by n28ive1 on Flickr

Christmas at Castle Grayskull

God bless you, Castle Grayskull. I’m glad you weren’t disheartened by the neighborhood scrooges last year. Your Christmas decorations put “Dennō Senshi Porygon” to shame.

I also like the multicultural flair that the zebra’s hat is bringing to the party.

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Good job for once

Today seems to be Gort Day. I say that because Gort suffers from a mild form of atheism weltschmertz epilepsy brought on by strobing light sources. At least she told me that once. So I guess she should not play Fruit Mystery, the new flash game sweeping the nation. It is either the single greatest game you will ever play, or it is the lost film from Infinite Jest.

And that is too bad, because she will never know the answer to the question: Will the ancient beast be happy to eat the pineable?

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