A celebration of me

Oh hey! It’s my birthday. Well, not today. Not for about two weeks, actually. But hey! Perfect time for you to get me a birthday present. I mean, if you want to. I’m not expecting anything. But yeah.

There happens to be this periodical publication devoted to clip art in a specific theme. It’s called Crap Hound. This current edition that they have compiled is superstition-themed clip art. So that’s two out of three things in the subtitle of Fancy Notions – superstition and ephemera. The thing is that they aren’t going to be able to publish this edition unless they get enough donations from their Kickstarter fund. If they don’t publish this edition I am going to be very disappointed. So maybe you could go to their Kickstarter page and donate some money. And I will be so happy. And maybe they’ll have a future edition devoted to etiquette clip art. I don’t know. Hooray for my birthday!

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