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If you’ve ever driven on the 5 freeway between San Francisco and Los Angeles, you may have seen a sign for Highway 198. Highway 198 indicates that it is the road to take if you want to go to Lemoore or Hanford. You may not have ever thought you needed to go to Lemoore or Hanford, but you do. Tomorrow we’ll look at Lemoore, but right now let’s check out some guys in a front yard in Hanford.

These guys were really big.

Like “Here’s a Honda Fit for size comparison” big.

I don’t know if this caterpillar was made from Caterpillar parts, but I hope so.

Here are my favorite guys in Hanford.

guysSo now you know why you should go to Hanford. Hanford – Home of Really Big Guys.

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Skin flute

I think there’s a music festival going on somewhere in my neighborhood, but I don’t really feel like figuring it out. I hope I’m not missing anything. I think I would have heard about a virtuoso one-elephant band, but you never know.


Oh, residents of Beverly Hills. You are a confusing bunch. One the one hand, you’re allOHMYGOD THINK OF THE CHILDREN when the city tries to build a subway under the local high school. But when faced with a family of vicious white tigers, a pride of lions,

wait – make that two families of white tigers, even more lions, a leopard,

a tower of giraffes, a herd of elephants,

and a goddamned gorilla

mere blocks away from an elementary school, with only the flimsiest of iron fences keeping the beasts from rampaging through the streets, do we hear a peep?

Sometimes I question your priorities.

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