Technicolor hen fruit

This is what happens when I’ve already posted all the cute Silly Symphonies Easter and springtime cartoons. Guns, guns, and more guns. Happy Easter.

The hopping dead

It’s the most important time of the year over at Bunnybury,

which means all the residents are out in their finery.

All the residents.

They’re even braving the crocodile-infested pond to celebrate the holiday, these bunnies.

But they might want to be on alert, and not because of the zombie in their midst.

That particular zombie in their midst is benign, although some of his followers are a bit rabid at times. No, I’m talking about something I’ve been watching just down the street from them. I first saw this guy around Halloween last year

and then I saw this guy:

As of this week, I noticed a third one… and they seem to be joining forces.

Watch out, bunnies. These guys look like they’re ready to burn a church down, at the very least.

On my planet, chapter 17

Have you ever seen something so fantastic in a movie or a dream, or read about something so fantastic in a story, that it gives you almost physical pain to know you are never going to experience that thing in real life? That’s how I feel about checkered paint. If I had my own planet, I sure as hell would have checkered paint there.

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