Word of the day for Wednesday, October 16th

Well, look what we have here. The Public Domain Review is sharing yet another treasure with us, this time A Dictionary Of Victorian Slang. I’ve already found an excellent word, and I’m only at the A’s. By way of a very complicated explanation, the word

arfarfanarf comes to us. Meaning drunk. Basically, an arfanarf is a drink consisting of half ale and half beer, and the first arf is either a half pint or a full quart of arfanarf. It’s hard to follow. It’s possible the person who wrote the dictionary entry was arfarfanarf, ready for some mafficking. I hope they weren’t too Bob, Harry and Dick the next morning.

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Don’t let Christmas get the best of you!

I am so glad Benny took care of the Christmas decorations this year. I don’t think I could have even tackled My Drunk Kitchen’s “gingerbread” house.

That may even be a “gingerbread” “house.” Still looks like more work than I’m ready to devote right now.

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Carol Channing is alive and well…


… and a total klepto when she’s been drinking. Here she is over the weekend, trying to steal my friend Sabrina’s purse:


So sad.

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