Ten more days

I’ve posted about the poor street monkeys of Indonesia before, but had to revisit the subject when I saw Finnish photographer Perttu Saksa‘s recent portraits of more of these guys.

Ugh. The poor monkeys. But… perhaps this would be a terrifying Halloween costume? Scary as well as social issue relevant? Gorillasuits.com has same day shipping for orders placed before 5 pm. Add a banana suit to the mix and you have an intriguing couple’s costume. No?

via Metafilter, at which may be found the perfect comment about this doll mask street monkey phenomenon: “I love the aesthetic of it. It’s just the eggs broken to make this particular omelette that make me wince a little.”

Regional hostility

On the human vs. primate front of Indonesia, recent reports have emerged showing humans employing psychological warfare on the macaques in the form of “Humiliation by doll head.”

This is getting so ugly that on this front I’m rooting for the other team. Thankfully, the macaques seem to be winning hearts and minds with their unique battle plan of “Steal the human’s camera and take very charming self-portraits.”

Well done, macaques, and thank you for taking the high road here.

And thank you for the reporting, Joe Borfo!
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